The most important decision for new players is chosing one of the guilds. This will determine, among other things, the attitude of the character encountered during the game. Depending on the selected guild, you will be able to learn from different people.

However, you must first join of the minor guilds: militians, mercenaries or novices in the monastery. After that you will be able to advance, becoming a full member of one of the "major guilds": Paladins, Dragon Hunters or Fire Mages.

Militian / Paladin

The Paladins path is probably the most frequently chosen one, because at the beginning, we usuallly encounter the Paladins first and we have the first, important contact with them. This class it not master only in one partifular field, both strength and magic count here. Paladin can simultaneously wield a good sword or crossbow and use magic, such as runes and spells, but not all.

The most important magic spells are reserved for real mages. Their magic will never be as powerful as those of the Fire Mages. Paladins have magnificent and shining armor - true knights. Their commander is Lord Hagen, he's assisted by his right hand Lord Andre.

Mercenary / Dragon Hunter

> If you would like to become a mighty warrior, a dragon slayer wearing strong armor and wielding a mighty sword - you have no choice - you have to become a Dragon Hunter. Before you become super strong, however, you must prove yourself as a mercenary to the Onar. To join in, you have to prove to Lee that you remembered your old skills at least a little. Some mercenaries protect the farms from Lord Hagen's guards, others work mainly for Onar.

Like each of the three classes, this one has its own unique abilities. As a Dragon Hunter, you have to invest in strength, dexterity comes second. It's really worth to learn smithing and alchemy. Unfortunately, in this guild you cannot learn the secrets of magic. Simply, you cannot use runes that requires magic circles, only scrolls remain.

Novice / Fire Mage

Becoming a Magician is the hardest part of all classes. To get to the Monastery and start as a Novice, you must sacrifice a sheep and 1000 gold pieces. Then there's a Test of Fire. It is a very important test, you get three tasks to complete, one from each member of Council of Fire Mages. Only one, the chosen one of Innos will cope with all the tasks, others will fail and may even die.

The authority in the Monastery is exercised by the High Council of Fire Mages, including: Serpentes, Ulthar and Pyrokar - the highest rank. Mages work first for their God - Innos and the Paladins protect and help them. You can learn magic circles, up to six. Fire Mages mostly use magic and magic wands.

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