Regular monsters you can face in-game
Name [sort] Exp [sort] HP [sort] Loot
MeatbugMeatbug1010bug meat
SheepSheep1010raw meat, sheep skin
Young Field RaiderYoung Field Raider2040gold coin, field raider mandibles
Young Giant RatYoung Giant Rat2020gold coin, raw meat (rare), arrow (very rare)
BragoBrago30120gold coin, meadow berry, lock pick, spiked club, healing herb, apple (very rare)
DeserterDeserter30125wine, gold coin, meadow berry, lock pick, spiked club, healing herb, apple (very rare)
Giant RatGiant Rat3040gold coin, raw meat, rusty sword (rare), arrow (very rare)
GoblinGoblin3060fish, heavy branch, gold coin
Young Blood FlyYoung Blood Fly3030stinger, wing of a bloodfly
Young WolfYoung Wolf3020raw meat, teeth, wolf skin
MoleratMolerat4580raw meat, gold coin, arrow, pitch, wolf's tooth (very rare)
WolfWolf5070raw meat, teeth, wolf skin
Blood FlyBlood Fly6060wing of a bloodfly, stinger
BoarBoar6090raw meat, boar skin, arrow, short bow (very rare)
Field RaiderField Raider70130gold coin, field raider mandibles, arrow, sickle, short bow (rare), gold ring (very rare)
ScavengerScavenger7095raw meat
Leather BanditLeather Bandit75115gold coin, fried meat, blue elder, lock pick, gin, spiked club (rare), apple (very rare), rough short sword (very rare), raw steel (very rare)
Black GoblinBlack Goblin80145gold coin, heavy branch, fish, essence of healing, spiked club (rare), rough short sword (very rare)
BanditBandit100235gold coin, gold nugget, lock pick, bread, cheese, essence of healing, meadow berry, leather bag (rare), axe (rare), apple (very rare), raw steel (very rare), war cudgel (very rare)
LizardLizard120190claw, gold coin, reptile skin, essence of healing, essence of healing, rusty sword, rusty axe, coal (semi-rare), willow bow (rare), apple tobacco (very rare), fine short sword (very rare)
Lower SkeletonLower Skeleton120175gold coin, skeleton bone, essence of healing, rusty sword (rare), rough war axe (rare), war cudgel (very rare)
LurkerLurker120210claw, reptile skin, gold coin
MinecrawlerMinecrawler120290gold coin, minecrawler mandible, rough two-hander, rough sword, leather bag (rare), woodcutter's axe (very rare), lump of ore (very rare), minecrawler plate (very rare)
Swamp RatSwamp Rat120460raw meat (rare)
Goblin SkeletonGoblin Skeleton150225gold coin, goblin's bone, rusty sword, essence of healing, spiked club (rare), militia short sword (very rare), spiked cudgel (very rare)
Ice WolfIce Wolf150335raw meat, wolf skin, teeth
Orc ScoutOrc Scout150360gold coin, light orc axe, essence of healing
SnapperSnapper160235claw, teeth, reptile skin, gold coin, woodcutter's axe (very rare)
HarpyHarpy180475gold coin, leather bag, ball lightning scroll, lightning scroll (rare), dust devil scroll (rare), ring of defense (very rare), black pearl (very rare), amulet of spiritual power (very rare)
Medium BanditMedium Bandit200330gold coin, gold nugget, arrow, lock pick, meadow berry, essence of healing, leather bag, silver ring (rare), apple (rare), hunting bow (very rare), raw steel (very rare), war hammer (very rare)
Minecrawler WarriorMinecrawler Warrior200370gold coin, minecrawler mandible, rough sword, leather bag (rare), leather bag (rare), composite bow (very rare), lump of ore (very rare), minecrawler plate (very rare), light two-hander (very rare)
Swampgas DroneSwampgas Drone200390-
SkeletonSkeleton250335skeleton bone, gold coin, rusty sword, leather bag, rough two-hander, create skeleton scroll (very rare), ring of dexterity (very rare), two-hander (very rare), ring of strength (very rare)
Stone GolemStone Golem250520gold coin, extract of healing, heart of a stone golem, leather bag, ring of force (very rare), create stone golem scroll (very rare), light battleaxe (very rare), mace and chain (very rare), ring of stone skin (very rare)
Fire LizardFire Lizard300380gold coin, claw, reptile skin, tongue of fire, mana extract, fire arrow scroll, sulfur (rare), heal light wounds scroll (rare), fireball scroll (rare), small fire storm scroll (very rare), transform into fire lizard scroll (very rare), heavy spiked cudgel (very rare)
Heavy BanditHeavy Bandit300405gold coin, bolt, gold nugget, ham, extract of healing, leather bag, gold ring (rare), apple (rare), raw steel (very rare), halberd (very rare), light crossbow (very rare), ring of stone skin (very rare), rapier (very rare)
Orc WarriorOrc Warrior300430gold coin, gin, old coin, raw meat, healing plant, extract of healing, heavy orc axe, leather bag, silver ring
Skeleton MageSkeleton Mage300380gold coin, lab water bottle, mana extract, ice arrow scroll, ice block scroll (rare), create skeleton scroll (rare), amulet of spiritual power (very rare), ring of magic (very rare)
WargWarg300335raw meat, warg skin, teeth, light rough ore blade (very rare)
Dragon SnapperDragon Snapper350450teeth, claw, gold coin, horn of a dragon snapper, reptile skin, dragonroot (very rare), paladin's sword (very rare), paladin's two-hander (very rare)
Lizard ManLizard Man350470gold coin, lizard sword, leather bag (rare), leather bag (very rare), beard axe (very rare)
LoaferLoafer350510gold coin, gold nugget, arrow, bolt, beer, woodland berry, gin, leather bag, apple (rare), rough two-hander (rare), rough sword (rare), rough hatchet (very rare), raw steel (very rare), stonebreaker (very rare), stonebreaker (very rare), amulet of agility (very rare), amulet of strength (very rare), composite bow (very rare), crossbow (very rare)
Orc ShamanOrc Shaman350415gold coin, light orc axe, old coin, mana extract, fire arrow scroll, fireball scroll, heal medium wounds scroll, fireweed, transform into warg scroll, composite bow (rare)
Fire GolemFire Golem400700gold coin, mana elixir, heart of a fire golem, fireball scroll, large fireball scroll, fireball scroll (rare), amulet of fire (very rare), rune power (very rare), wand of the fire magicians (very rare)
Skeleton WarriorSkeleton Warrior400665gold coin, skeleton bone, leather bag (very rare), rough ore blade (very rare), light rough ore blade (very rare)
Ice GolemIce Golem450750gold coin, ice arrow scroll, heart of an ice golem, ice lance scroll, ice block scroll
Orc EliteOrc Elite450645teeth, gold coin, heavy orc axe, elixir of healing, old coin, warg skin, fried meat, gold ring (rare), inquisitor (very rare)
SwampsharkSwampshark540580gold coin, tooth of a swampshark, skin of a swampshark, ring of inconquerability (very rare)
Undead OrcUndead Orc550810gold coin, old coin, heavy orc axe, torturer's axe (very rare)
ShadowbeastShadowbeast7001120gold coin, teeth, claw, raw meat, mana extract, elixir of healing, hide of a shadowbeast, horn of a shadowbeast, wind fist scroll, ring of life, small lightning scroll, boarding pike (very rare), fine short sword (very rare), composite bow (very rare), light crossbow (very rare)
Black MagicianBlack Magician10007900platinum coin, breath of death scroll (very rare), ulthar's wand (very rare), wave of death scroll (very rare)
TrollTroll10002950gold coin, elixir of healing, mana extract, troll hide, leather bag, small fire storm scroll, speed potion, longbow (very rare), war crossbow (very rare), ring of liveliness (very rare), amulet of life (very rare), rapier (very rare)
Shadowbeast SkeletonShadowbeast Skeleton14001750claw, teeth, gold coin, elixir of healing, leather bag, horn of a shadowbeast, mana elixir, leather bag, ball lightning scroll, lightning scroll, pure life energy, pure mana, light battleaxe (very rare), transform into shadowbeast scroll (very rare), mace and chain (very rare), ash bow (very rare), amulet of oak skin (very rare)
Orc ColonelOrc Colonel14505550platinum coin, old coin, heavy orc axe, orc slayer (very rare)
DemonDemon15002530gold coin, elixir of healing, sulfur, mana elixir, gold ring, heart of a demon, destroy undead scroll, dust devil scroll, paladin's sword (rare), paladin's two-hander (rare), master sword (very rare)
Cave TrollCave Troll20004800gold coin, troll hide, storm scroll (rare), double-bladed axe (rare), mace (very rare), oak bow (very rare)
Shadow WarriorShadow Warrior22003350skeleton bone (always), platinum coin, gold dish, gold dish, gold chalice, gold candlestick, casket, light two-hander (rare), dragon slicer (very rare)
Demon LordDemon Lord30005860gold coin, platinum coin, sulfur, gold ring, heart of a demon, summon demon scroll (very rare), heavy dragon hunter's legs (very rare), heavy dragon hunter's armor (very rare), paladins's legs (very rare), paladin's armor (very rare)
Shadow Lord ArcholShadow Lord Archol36005900platinum coin, gold dish, gold dish, gold chalice, gold candlestick, casket, two-hander (very rare), army of darkness scroll (very rare), two-hander (very rare), dragon slicer (very rare)
Black TrollBlack Troll40007700platinum coin, elixir of healing, mana elixir, hide of a black troll, heal heavy wounds scroll, storm scroll, war crossbow (rare), rune sword (very rare), rune power (very rare), elixir of dexterity (very rare), ring of enlightenment (very rare), elixir of strength (very rare), amulet of enlightenment (very rare), heavy two-hander (very rare)
PandrodorPandrodor620016400platinum coin, leather bag, leather bag, heart of a swamp dragon, casket, rough bastard sword (very rare), cutlass (very rare), light dragon hunter's legs (very rare), dragon scale (very rare), fire mage culottes (very rare), knight legs (very rare), betty (very rare), dragon blood (very rare)
PedrakhanPedrakhan720018000platinum coin, leather bag, silver ring, silver chalice, silver dish, silver plate, leather bag, silver candlestick, heart of a rock dragon, light dragon hunter's armor (very rare), batlleaxe (very rare), inquisitor (very rare), bone bow (very rare), dragon scale (very rare), knight armor (very rare), heavy fire mage robe (very rare), dragon blood (very rare)
FeomatharFeomathar870019700leather bag, platinum coin, leather bag, gold ring, leather bag, gold dish, heart of a fire dragon, casket, ash bow (rare), large fire storm scroll (very rare), dragon scale (very rare), fine bastard sword (very rare), wand of the fire magicians (very rare), orc slayer (very rare), dragon blood (very rare)
FinkreghFinkregh950021000platinum coin, leather bag, bolt, leather bag, heart of an ice dragon, dragon egg, ice wave scroll, longsword (very rare), dragon scale (very rare), stormbringer (very rare), dragon hunter's helmet (very rare), heavy crossbow (very rare), knight helmet (very rare), fire mage circlet (very rare), dragon blood (very rare)
FeodaronFeodaron1200025700platinum coin, gold ring, leather bag, leather bag, gold dish, heart of a fire dragon, casket, fire rain scroll (rare), fine bastard sword (very rare), dragon hunter's boots (very rare), dragon hunter's crossbow (very rare), dragon scale (very rare), knight boots (very rare), heavy fire mage boots (very rare), dragon blood (very rare)
Undead DragonUndead Dragon2000068200platinum coin, silver ring, gold ring, leather bag, leather bag, gold dish, silver dish, silver plate, silver chalice, silver candlestick, casket, undead dragon's soul stone, wave of death scroll (rare), dragon scale (very rare), magic bow (very rare), magic crossbow (very rare), berserker's axe (very rare), dragon blood (very rare)
NPCs monsters you can face only on arenas
Name [sort] Exp [sort] HP [sort] Loot
AlvaresAlvares65180rough war axe, essence of healing, beer, silver ring
EngardoEngardo65210gold coin, apple, gold nugget, rough two-hander, gin
FesterFester65160arrow, healing plant, sausage, gold coin, axe, gin
DarDar80190stalk of swampweed (always), raw meat, rough sword, sausage, gold coin
RodRod100240dark mushroom, fried meat, gold coin, rough two-hander
SekobSekob100245heavy branch, meadow berry, apple, beer, cheese
RaoulRaoul120260gold coin, stew, axe, gin
RumboldRumbold150245meadow berry, apple, beer, cheese, rough broadsword
BusterBuster165254raw meat, arrow, sausage, gold coin, axe
GuardGuard200260rough broadsword
RickRick200190meadow berry, apple, beer, cheese, rough broadsword
SalandrilSalandril200350gold coin, dagger, essence of healing, apple, cheese, lab water bottle
BullcoBullco300320raw meat, sausage, gold coin, axe
AttilaAttila400520bolt, axe, light crossbow
SentezaSenteza400520rough sword, gold coin, apple
Special creatures related to quests etc.
Name [sort] Exp [sort] HP [sort] Loot
Mad Shadow WarriorMad Shadow Warrior03350-
Pack LeaderPack Leader120300claw, teeth, reptile skin
Magic GolemMagic Golem250300-
Ritual SeekerRitual Seeker300500-
Snorting Dragon SnapperSnorting Dragon Snapper350410reptile skin, claw, teeth, horn of a dragon snapper
Monsters created by summoning.
Name [sort] Exp [sort] HP [sort] Loot
Summoned DemonSummoned Demon01200-
Summoned Goblin SkeletonSummoned Goblin Skeleton0150-
Summoned SkeletonSummoned Skeleton0305-
Summoned WolfSummoned Wolf050-
Summoned Stone GolemSummoned Stone Golem250520-
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