Dec 01 2023 - Part of changes for 3.5 beta

This changelog provides a partial overview of changes, fixes, and improvements implemented over the past few months during the autumn break, aiming to fully prepare the server for the winter edition. Prior to the commencement of the winter edition 4.0, a pre-edition marked as version 3.5 is planned, introducing novelties, where experience multipliers, etc., may differ from official values to expedite the server testing process.

I. Balance

Poorly balanced gameplay and significant class disparities led to some becoming either too powerful or entirely useless at certain points. In this edition, we strive to bring classes closer together, minimizing the impact of inherent differences on gameplay. For example, choosing the archer class will no longer limit players to only area-of-effect (AOE) attacks as seen in previous editions.

  1. Changes to Armor
    To enhance the impact of armor in equipment:
  • If we possess:
    • 20 to 29 armor, we receive an additional 20% armor for free.
    • 30 to 39 armor, we receive an additional 40% armor for free.
    • 40+ armor, we receive an additional 80% armor for free.
  1. Set Bonus Removal
    Set bonuses have been removed. Adding new items to the game became pointless as obtaining a better item was less beneficial for players due to losing set bonuses.

  2. Changes to Damage
    Major changes include:

  • Adjustments to the impact of skills on damage to prevent players in the early game from gaining excessive benefits from easily obtainable skills. In the later stages of the game, skills become more significant.
  • Modifications to minimum damage calculation [(level * 0.2) + (skill * 0.2) + weapon attack], capped at 33% of maximum damage.
  • All weapon types have the same calculations, with one exception:
    • Bows and two-handed weapons have a 10% larger spread than their counterparts, but their average damage is the same as bows or one-handed weapons.
  • The "Arrow Storm" skill has been removed for bows, and now ammunition deals area-of-effect damage.
  • New AOE ammunition has been added for bows and crossbows.
  • The "Ricochet" spell is available for both bows and crossbows.
    Final damage in the early and mid-game will differ from previous editions, with even greater significance in the later stages when acquiring skills or levels becomes challenging.

Changes in spells:

Blood Rage - 120 mana, 20s cooldown. For 10 seconds, increases our damage by 30% (+1% for every 10 skill points above 120) and we receive 20% less damage (-1% for every 10 skill points above 120) from enemies.
Protector - 30 mana (every 2s), 2s cooldown. While the spell is active, we receive 20% + (+1% for every 10 skill points above 120) reduced damage and deal 20% (-1% for every 10 skill points above 120) damage to enemies.
Challenge - 40 mana, 2s cooldown. Monsters start attacking you for 6 seconds (+2 seconds for every 20 skill points above 60). This skill can be used by both one-handed and two-handed players, but the spell area for the latter has been reduced.
Sharpshooter - 180 mana, 30s cooldown. The effect lasts for 15 seconds, during which our character deals more precise hits, but receives a 20% debuff from monsters.
Ricochet spells are available for both bows and crossbows.

III. Fixes, Additions, and More

  • Fixed an issue where the NPC dialogue window would close, preventing the restart of the dialogue until leaving the NPC's range.

  • Fixed the "hold push" bug, interrupted if anything was thrown under the person pushing while holding.

  • The distance to which we push someone now depends on the distance our character must cover, the farther, the faster.

  • Fixed potion cooldowns, which sometimes allowed drinking two potions simultaneously.

  • Adrenaline Burst Charm will no longer interrupt any acceleration if the remaining time of acceleration is more than 10 seconds.

  • Spells can be cast in both Polish and English.

  • NPC conversations can now be initiated in Polish as well.

IV. Gameplay Changes
The 100% exp rate has been restored, remaining constant throughout the game, while the experience of all monsters has been halved.

  • The XP boost scroll has been removed from the item shop.
  • Green stamina has been removed from the game.
  • XP Boost will only be available as a reward from events and daily prayers, presented as green stamina, which can be paused.

V. Summons

Changed the operation of player-summoned creatures. These changes do not apply to creatures such as Betsy, quest sheep, or NPCs that need to be escorted.

  • Summons now disappear when entering a protection zone (PZ), and their time is paused. Upon leaving PZ, the summon reappears.
  • Upon logging out, the summon's time is paused, and it reappears upon logging in.
  • The summon will teleport behind us to arenas, etc.
  • Clicking "look" on the summon will display the remaining duration.
  • In any case where the summon disappears, our cooldown and summon time are paused.

More information about Jarkendar, events, and other changes will be provided in upcoming changelogs.

Sep 15 2023 - September 3.1.2 Update
09/09/2023 (Saturday)
- fixed bug where some people couldn't get bonus for quests done
- cassia is now selling ring of the orcish
- fixed bug with statue of innos that did not allow to resume green stamina
- fixed a bug where paladins and fire mages couldn't get done 'I need a ship' quest
- fixed a bug that did not add bonus movement speed for 3rd chapter
- fixed a bug that displayed wrong exp rate
- fixed a bug where people had to relog to get 'Alone and helpless' quest completed
- fixed a bug where seeker did not get counted in killing in the name

11/09/2023 (Monday)
- Cassia will now sell lurker skin
- Enhanced serum of vigor will give +15 skill instead +14
- Lowered required level for undead dragon's breath wand to 100 lvl (from 140 )
- Slightly reduced chance of soul items from dragons from 2% to 1.5%
- quivers will now give proper movement speed based on website information
- bonus movement speed for 3rd chapter will now give proper movement speed
- fixed bug where some people had killed all areas with orcs (paladin quest with orcs) but did could not report quest

Reduced LP cost for thief skills
- sneak from 5 to 2
- picklocks from 10 to 3
- pickpocketing from 10 to 5
If you have learnt thief skills before, you will get lp back for difference

14/09/2023 (Thursday)
  • - it's no longer possible to use teleport rune on PlayWar Isle in PVP Arena.
  • -
    it's no longer possible to equip melee weapon with quiver using bug
    with trade (if your character have equipped quiver, it will be dequiped
    and sent to your inbox)
  • - green stamina will no longer regenerate when we're hunting with disabled green stamina
  • - fixed a bug where bonus from daily prey donation for 100 gold to innos did not display skill advance
  • - fixed a bug where players could get kick from Alrik arena

15/09/2023 (Friday)
Huge changes with exhaust between using runes, potions and items.
From now, you can use at the same time:
- offensive rune (eg. fireball rune)
- defensive rune (eg. heal light wounds rune)
- and drink potion or use snapperweed/speed potion/king's sorrel at the same time

This change will completely improve gameplay and make game much easier and smoother.

Magic changes / Rework of spell cooldowns for mage:
- Lightning (energy wave) cooldown increased from 6s to 8s
- Ice lance (ice wave) cooldown increased from 2s to 6s, mana cost from 20 to 70. Damage has been increased too.

- tier from rune upgrading increases your damage by 2% instead 4% per tier
- increased ricochet damage by about 25% and range of hits behind target by 1 sqm and increased required mana from 85 to 115

- increased paladin healing
- increased damage of paladin runes

General changes:
- increased time to defeat Alrik from 5 to 10 minutes
- item upgrade has been slightly reworked
- now it's possible to remove item upgrade via whetstone by everyone
- if you upgrade item with very rare chance, it will broadcast to every player
- orc leather and lizard leather will be counted into 2nd bosper addon trade

Sep 08 2023 - 3.1.0 Update
- parcel of weed can be bought from cassia, however you have to complete all mission and steps to deliver it
- fixed a bug where canthar did not get out of jail if we completed quest after 3rd chapter

New flasks has been added:
- Flask of vigor
 - +10 strenth and +10 dexterity for 30 minutes
 - ingredients: 1 elixir of dexterity, 1 elixir of strength, 5 skeleton bone, 2 horn of a shadowbeast

- Flask of combat
 - +8 to all combat skills for 30 minutes
 - ingredients: 1 holy water, 20 meadow berry, 3 honey, 10 troll tusk

- Flask of enlightenment
 - +4 magic level and 400 mana for 30 minutes
 - ingredients: 1 elixir of spirit, 1 heart of an ice golem, 3 tongue of fire, 20 blue elder

- Flask of liveliness
 - +180 hit points for 30 minutes
 - ingredients: 1 elixir of life, 1 heart of a fire golem, 20 woodland berry, 5 stinger, 5 tooth of a swampshark

These flasks can be enhanted by using any heart of a dragon on them into:
- Enhanced flask of vigor
 - +15 strenth and +15 dexterity for 60 minutes

- Enahnced flask of combat
 - +14 to all combat skills for 60 minutes

- Flask of enlightenment
 - +7 magic level and 700 mana for 60 minutes

- Flask of liveliness
 - +300 hit points for 60 minutes

 It's only possible to have one bonus. If you drink any other potion, previous effects will be overriden.

Small spells rework
- reduced cooldown of strong ethereal shot from 8 sec to 6 sec
- increased ricochet cooldown from 6s to 8s
- increased ricochet damage (about 25% more)

Stamina rework
- normal stamina (42 hours) no longer has green stamina
- green stamina has been added to the game (2 hours)
- green stamina can be toggled off/on via statue of innos (item or npc)

New creature product:
- orc leather (it can be dropped from all orcs)
Bosper will pay us extra price if we are his apprentice. Also it's possible to use skinning knife or obisian knife to obtain orc leather.

Client changes:
- added more translations to the client
- added green stamina to the Skills
- by hovering on XP Rate in client, it will show us all xp rate bonuses.
- fixed bug that disabled our hotkeys after closing market
- ignore equipment while trade will now ignore 2nd ring slot
- new graphics

Monster changes:
- demon lord now drops tears of innos (13% chance)
- temple guardian wave has smaller length

Bonuses for completing quests in chapters:
By completing:
- 1st chapter, we deal 10% more damage to all creatures (monsters, players and so on)
- 2nd chapter, we receive 10% less damage from all sources (monsters, players and so on)
- 3rd chapter, depending on our vocation and skill:
 - Fire mages get 100hp, 400 mana points and 30 movement speed
 - 1h/2h - get 300hp, 200 mana and 15 movement speed
 - bow/crossbow - get 200hp, 200 mana and 30 movement speed
- 4th chapter, our healing are increased by 10% (healing runes, potions, heal from other person etc.) and regeneration from food ticks is doubled
- 5th chapter - our base gain rate is increased by 7.5% and we gain all skills and magic level twice faster.

Sep 01 2023 - Summer changes
- spells will now deal more stable damage
- reduced damage in early phase of mage and buffed it on late game, shortly: mages in early game will deal less damage, however in late game they will become more stronger
- bow will now deal more stable damage
- reduced mana cost of arrow storm from 75 to 60
- reduced cap cost of 1 mana learnt from npc from 8 to 5
- for each 10 skill above 120 one-handed skill, you will get about 1% more protection for protector spell, eg. player with 155 skill will have about 23% protection (3% more)
- changed % chance for critical hits for fire mage
  - magic level between 25 (from 20) and 49 (from 39) has 10% chance to deal critical magic with 15% crit. dmg.
  - magic level between 50 (from 40) and 75 (from 59) has 10% chance to (...)  with 25% crit dmg.
  - magic level 76 (from 60) or higher has 10% chance to (...)  with 50% crit dmg.

- added new spell for crossbow
name: ricochet
mana: 115
range: 5
requiers: 90 skill
cooldown: 6s
usuage: hits target + 2 targets behind

- take trophies skill now grow faster
- now harad appreantices can skin monsters in the Sleeper's Temple
- increased chance of skinning monsters using hammer for harad appreantices by about 30%
- increased drop of lump of ore from temple minecrawler from 4.5% to 6%
- lab magic water bottle has been added to the game. Lutero can exchange it for 3 silver tokens
- if you have lab magic water bottle, you no longer need lab water bottles for alchemy or repair the eye of innos.
- ultimate elixir of healing can be brewed now, it's ingredients are 3 healing roots, 2 healing herbs, 1 healing plant, 1 meadow knotweed and 1 lab water bottle
- it requires 80 level and 90 skill to brew it

Ice golem will now drop:
- beech bow
- longsword
- geyster and water fist
- also in general, ice golem loot has been increased

Fire Golem will now drop:
- beech crossbow
- light two-hander
- also in general, fire golem loot has been increased

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