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There are five different blessings available on Gothania world. Each of them reduces the amount of lost experience depending on your level and having at least three of of them prevent from dropping your backpack and equipment. After you die, you have to buy them again.

Price of blessings is based on your character level. The minimum price is 500 gold pieces and maximum 5 000 gold pieces, depending on your level for each blessing.

  • If you do not know if you have purchased blessings, you can check them using Statue of Innos or talking to Statue of Innos.
  • The alternative would be to ask the mages for blessings. They will answer if you have them.

List of blessings:

Jumping & Levitate

There is a levitate spell that allows us to go up or down on the spot. It does not cost any mana and has a 2-second cooldown. You need to turn to the object (wall) and cast the spell.

  • To go up a floor, cast in-game jump "up" spell.
  • To go down a floor, cast in-game jump "down" spell.
Healing sources

There's no basic hit points and mana regeneration on Gothania, thus there's a lot of ways to heal up yourself.

  • Food - each time you eat a food, it add ticks that will regenare your hit points or mana points over time.
  • Potions - each time you drink a potion, it heals you immediately.
  • Scrolls and runes - check magic page for more information.
  • Heal from NPCs - some NPCs can heal you for free (e.g., Vatras), but you cannot ask for heal during or immediately after a fight and there's a 5 minutes cooldown for that.
  • Sleeping in Bed - there are beds in almost all buildings that are available to everyone. You cannot use a bed during or immediately after a fight, and there's a 5 minutes (2.5 minutes for Premium Account) cooldown for that.

To be able to pickpocket, you must learn the pickpocketing talent. Only then will a new dialog option be available for you to choose whether to try pickpocketing or leave it alone. The higher you train your skill, the greater the prospects of being able to carry out the theft successfully and gain experience points. Also, this skill is required for some quests (e.g., The Thieves Guild).

Herbs, mushrooms and items

Almost all herbs spawn all around the map with random range and time in areas similar to the ones from Gothic II. Dark mushroom and digger meats spawn always in the same position and have a randomized cooldown to respawn again.

Furthermore, based on the Gothic 2 game, items originally located on the ground or strategically placed throughout the map have a chance to spontaneously spawn in Gothania. For example, the lump of ore near the paladin's ship in Khorinis might appear randomly on a daily basis.

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