Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
big_table.gifBig Table-0.00 oz
square_table.gifSquare Table-0.00 oz
small_round_table.gifSmall Round Table-0.00 oz
small_table.gifSmall Table-0.00 oz
wooden_chair.gifWooden Chair-0.00 oz
sofa_chair.gifSofa Chair-0.00 oz
red_cushioned_chair.gifRed Cushioned Chair-0.00 oz
green_cushioned_chair.gifGreen Cushioned Chair-0.00 oz
rocking_chair.gifRocking Chair-0.00 oz
rocking_chair.gifRocking Chair-0.00 oz
drawers.gifDrawers-0.00 oz
dresser.gifDresser-0.00 oz
pendulum_clock.gifPendulum Clock-0.00 oz
locker.gifLocker-0.00 oz
large_trunk.gifLarge Trunk-0.00 oz
piano.gifPiano-0.00 oz
harp.gifHarp-0.00 oz
Important items
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
letter_to_lord_hagen.gifLetter To Lord HagenIt says 'Lord Hagen! The expedition...'.1.50 oz
letter_of_authorization_for_pyrokar.gifLetter Of Authorization For PyrokarIt says 'The bearer of this note ...'.1.50 oz
the_diary_of_cornelius.gifThe Diary Of CorneliusIt says 'If Larius keeps on like that, I'm going ...'19.00 oz
valentinos_ring.gifValentino's Ring-1.10 oz
ulthars_holy_water.gifUlthar's Holy Water-1.80 oz
constantinos_list_of_herbs.gifConstantino's List Of Herbs-2.80 oz
package_for_skip.gifPackage For SkipThis heavy package good things, is meant for the pirate Skip.86.00 oz
parcel_of_weed.gifParcel Of WeedA heavy, sticky package that contains stinks of swampweed.66.00 oz
theklas_parcel.gifThekla's Parcel-46.00 oz
sheep_sausage.gifSheep Sausage-11.00 oz
sun_aloe.gifSun Aloe-0.90 oz
constantinos_ring.gifConstantino's Ring-0.90 oz
coragons_chalice.gifCoragon's Chalice-15.00 oz
diegos_old_leather_bag.gifDiego's Old Leather Bag-15.00 oz
diegos_letter_to_gerbrandt.gifDiego's Letter To GerbrandtIt says 'Gerbrandt, You know, you should...'.15.00 oz
khorinis_ore_mine_share.gifKhorinis Ore Mine ShareIt says 'By the King's Bill of Property ...'.1.50 oz
eye_of_the_innos.gifEye Of The InnosThe gem is dull and powerless.4.90 oz
eye_of_the_innos.gifEye Of The InnosThe setting of the amulet is intact. The gem is dull and powerless.4.90 oz
miltens_note_to_gorn.gifMilten's Note To GornIt says 'Gorn! Garond has agreed to set you ...'.6.00 oz
xardas_letter.gifXardas' LetterIt says 'I suspected one of the dragons ...'.6.00 oz
crumpled_letter.gifCrumpled LetterFrom the book 'The Halls of Irdorath'6.00 oz
dusty_book.gifDusty BookIt says '... I am now certain that the building is ...'.16.00 oz
sea_chart_to_the_isle_of_irdorath.gifSea Chart To The Isle Of Irdorath-15.00 oz
ship_bill.gifShip BillIt says 'Letter of Authorization ...'.5.00 oz
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
the_divine_power_of_the_stars.gifThe Divine Power Of The StarsIt says '... but when the strength of ...'.13.00 oz
southern_defense_art.gifSouthern Defense ArtIt says 'A southerner uses less physical ...'13.00 oz
bucket.gifBucket-20.00 oz
torch.gifTorch-2.00 oz
lute.gifLute-34.00 oz
broom.gifBroom-6.70 oz
hammer.gifHammer-11.50 oz
saw.gifSaw-9.00 oz
pan.gifPan-11.00 oz
fishing_rod.gifFishing Rod-8.50 oz
worm.gifWorm-0.05 oz
chicken_feather.gifChicken FeatherSome thousands of these would probably make an extremely comfortable pillow.0.10 oz
lock_pick.gifLock Pick-0.85 oz
statue_of_innos.gifStatue Of Innos-8.00 oz
lab_water_bottle.gifLab Water Bottle-0.90 oz
magic_fishing_rod.gifMagic Fishing RodThis magical fishing rod is crafted from a rare metal found only in the most remote corners of the world.9.20 oz
healing_bandage.gifHealing BandageIt removes the bleeding condition upon application.0.97 oz
temple_teleport_scroll.gifTemple Teleport Scroll-0.00 oz
wanted_note.gifWanted NoteA picture of me.3.50 oz
city_map_of_khorinis.gifCity Map Of Khorinis-4.90 oz
land_map_of_khorinis.gifLand Map Of Khorinis-5.20 oz
apple_tobacco.gifApple Tobacco-5.20 oz
stalk_of_swampweed.gifStalk Of Swampweed-1.10 oz
raw_steel.gifRaw Steel-0.90 oz
map_of_the_valley_of_mines.gifMap Of The Valley Of Mines-5.00 oz
recipe.gifRecipeIt says 'Embarla Firgasto: 10 dragon eggs, one ...'.5.00 oz
magic_broom.gifMagic Broom-4.60 oz
magic_bucket_of_water.gifMagic Bucket Of WaterThe water depicted in this bucket appears to be never-ending.1.00 oz
magic_worms.gifMagic Worms-3.00 oz
double_blocks.gifDouble BlocksIt says 'Blocking the enemy's blade ...'.13.00 oz
lehmars_book_of_debts.gifLehmar's Book Of DebtsIt says 'Deals and Debts I, Master Thorben carpenter of ...'.6.00 oz
hannas_leather_bag.gifHanna's Leather BagHanna gave it to you.6.00 oz
weird-looking_fish.gifWeird-looking FishThere's something wrong with this fish. Looks like it's been sewn up ...2.00 oz
stinking_note.gifStinking NoteThis note was hidden inside a fish. It says 'Keep your heads low ...'.6.00 oz
heavy_fish.gifHeavy FishSomething is hidden inside this fish.12.00 oz
frags_remover.gifFrags RemoverIt removes all unjustified kills, all types of skull, and clears the character's murder history.1.50 oz
training_stamina_extension.gifTraining Stamina ExtensionDrinking this potion resets up training stamina.0.50 oz
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
bag.gifBag-8.00 oz
backpack.gifBackpack-18.00 oz
yellow_bag.gifYellow Bag-8.00 oz
red_bag.gifRed Bag-8.00 oz
grey_bag.gifGrey Bag-8.00 oz
golden_bag.gifGolden Bag-8.00 oz
yellow_backpack.gifYellow Backpack-18.00 oz
red_backpack.gifRed Backpack-18.00 oz
grey_backpack.gifGrey Backpack-18.00 oz
golden_backpack.gifGolden Backpack-18.00 oz
backpack_of_holding.gifBackpack Of Holding-15.00 oz
jewelled_backpack.gifJewelled Backpack-17.00 oz
beach_backpack.gifBeach Backpack-18.00 oz
beach_bag.gifBeach Bag-8.00 oz
brocade_backpack.gifBrocade Backpack-18.00 oz
brocade_bag.gifBrocade Bag-8.00 oz
demon_backpack.gifDemon Backpack-18.00 oz
expedition_backpack.gifExpedition Backpack-18.00 oz
expedition_bag.gifExpedition Bag-8.00 oz
troll_backpack.gifTroll Backpack-18.50 oz
shell_backpack.gifShell Backpack-18.00 oz
black_troll_backpack.gifBlack Troll Backpack-18.00 oz
skeleton_backpack.gifSkeleton Backpack-18.00 oz
everbloom_backpack.gifEverbloom Backpack-18.00 oz
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
key.gifKeyFrom the book 'The Halls of Irdorath'1.00 oz
main_gate_guards_tower_key.gifMain Gate Guard's Tower Key-1.00 oz
Ingredients for runes
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
black_pearl.gifBlack Pearl-0.20 oz
aquamarine.gifAquamarine-0.55 oz
rock_crystal.gifRock Crystal-0.73 oz
rune.gifRune-1.10 oz
sulfur.gifSulfur-0.30 oz
coal.gifCoal-3.00 oz
holy_water.gifHoly Water-1.40 oz
pitch.gifPitch-2.00 oz
glacier_quartz.gifGlacier Quartz-0.10 oz
Valueable items
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
gold_coin.gifGold Coin-0.10 oz
platinum_coin.gifPlatinum Coin-0.10 oz
gold_nugget.gifGold Nugget-0.80 oz
crystal_coin.gifCrystal Coin-0.10 oz
gold_ring.gifGold Ring-1.50 oz
gold_chalice.gifGold Chalice-7.00 oz
silver_chalice.gifSilver Chalice-5.00 oz
blood_chalice.gifBlood Chalice-8.00 oz
lizard_leather.gifLizard Leather-0.50 oz
leather_skin.gifLeather Skin-0.30 oz
lump_of_ore.gifLump Of Ore-2.00 oz
piece_of_steel.gifPiece Of Steel-2.00 oz
casket.gifCasket-10.00 oz
magic_lab_water_bottle.gifMagic Lab Water Bottle-1.90 oz
orc_leather.gifOrc Leather-0.50 oz
silver_ring.gifSilver Ring-0.80 oz
leather_bag.gifLeather BagThere are a few coins jingling inside.3.40 oz
leather_bag.gifLeather BagThe bag is full of coins.6.10 oz
leather_bag.gifLeather BagA heavy bag full of gold coins.9.40 oz
old_coin.gifOld Coin-0.30 oz
silver_candlestick.gifSilver Candlestick-1.00 oz
gold_dish.gifGold Dish-5.90 oz
gold_candlestick.gifGold Candlestick-2.00 oz
silver_plate.gifSilver Plate-3.50 oz
silver_dish.gifSilver Dish-4.00 oz
gorns_leather_bag.gifGorn's Leather Bag-15.00 oz
sextant.gifSextant-7.00 oz
silver_token.gifSilver Token-2.00 oz
curious_mystery_box.gifCurious Mystery BoxThere might be something valuable inside.0.40 oz
strange_mystery_box.gifStrange Mystery BoxThere might be something valuable inside.0.40 oz
empty_essence_of_healing_keg.gifEmpty Essence Of Healing KegThis empty keg can be used to refill essence of healing potions.25.00 oz
empty_extract_of_healing_keg.gifEmpty Extract Of Healing KegThis empty keg can be used to refill extract of healing potions.35.00 oz
empty_elixir_of_healing_keg.gifEmpty Elixir Of Healing KegThis empty keg can be used to refill elixirs of healing.45.00 oz
empty_mana_essence_keg.gifEmpty Mana Essence KegThis empty keg can be used to refill mana essence potions.30.00 oz
empty_mana_extract_keg.gifEmpty Mana Extract KegThis empty keg can be used to refill mana extract potions.35.00 oz
empty_mana_elixir_keg.gifEmpty Mana Elixir KegThis empty keg can be used to refill mana elixir potions.40.00 oz
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
skull.gifSkull-21.80 oz
pumpkin.gifPumpkin-13.50 oz
mysterious_voodoo_skull.gifMysterious Voodoo Skull-14.00 oz
toy_of_baby_dragon.gifToy Of Baby Dragon-8.50 oz
skeleton_decoration.gifSkeleton Decoration-10.00 oz
wolf_trophy.gifWolf Trophy-5.00 oz
orc_trophy.gifOrc Trophy-5.00 oz
troll_trophy.gifTroll Trophy-5.00 oz
fire_dragon_trophy.gifFire Dragon Trophy-5.00 oz
warg_trophy.gifWarg Trophy-5.00 oz
ice_cube.gifIce Cube-20.00 oz
young_giant_rat_toy.gifYoung Giant Rat Toy-12.50 oz
firlefanz.gifFirlefanz-10.00 oz
marlin_trophy.gifMarlin Trophy-5.00 oz
spiderwebs.gifSpiderwebsYou can hang these on your walls.0.05 oz
toy_spider.gifToy Spider-0.20 oz
mini_mummy.gifMini Mummy-4.50 oz
lizard_elite_trophy.gifLizard Elite Trophy-6.00 oz
rat_doll.gifRat Doll-7.50 oz
doll_of_king_of_the_lizards.gifDoll Of King Of The LizardsTa lalka wydaje się być ulubioną lalką królów. Została nagrodzona przez bogów.15.00 oz
toy_of_dragon_snapper.gifToy Of Dragon Snapper-20.00 oz
katana_display.gifKatana Display-0.00 oz
dragon_scale_doll.gifDragon Scale Doll-11.00 oz
snowball.gifSnowball-0.45 oz
yeti_doll.gifYeti Doll-9.45 oz
Trash items
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
broken_sword.gifBroken Sword-35.00 oz
worn_leather_boots.gifWorn Leather Boots-9.00 oz
Animal trophy
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
heart_of_a_fire_dragon.gifHeart Of A Fire Dragon-54.00 oz
reptile_skin.gifReptile Skin-0.45 oz
green_dragon_scale.gifGreen Dragon Scale-3.20 oz
red_dragon_scale.gifRed Dragon Scale-2.20 oz
skeleton_bone.gifSkeleton Bone-1.70 oz
dragon_egg.gifDragon EggThe egg is warm, and there's a scratching noise on the inside.11.10 oz
tongue_of_fire.gifTongue Of Fire-0.65 oz
troll_hide.gifTroll Hide-1.80 oz
ice_wolf_skin.gifIce Wolf Skin-0.76 oz
boar_skin.gifBoar Skin-0.85 oz
hide_of_a_shadowbeast.gifHide Of A Shadowbeast-1.55 oz
wolf_skin.gifWolf Skin-0.71 oz
sheep_skin.gifSheep Skin-0.55 oz
field_raider_mandibles.gifField Raider Mandibles-0.32 oz
minecrawler_plate.gifMinecrawler Plate-4.50 oz
minecrawler_mandible.gifMinecrawler Mandible-0.39 oz
horn_of_a_dragon_snapper.gifHorn Of A Dragon Snapper-1.00 oz
troll_tusk.gifTroll Tusk-1.00 oz
teeth.gifTeeth-0.25 oz
wing_of_a_bloodfly.gifWing Of A Bloodfly-0.30 oz
tooth_of_a_swampshark.gifTooth Of A Swampshark-1.65 oz
goblins_bone.gifGoblin's Bone-0.77 oz
heart_of_a_swamp_dragon.gifHeart Of A Swamp Dragon-23.00 oz
stinger.gifStingerIt contains a poisonous secretion.0.71 oz
warg_skin.gifWarg Skin-0.89 oz
snapper_claws.gifSnapper Claws-0.55 oz
hide_of_a_black_troll.gifHide Of A Black Troll-3.10 oz
skin_of_a_swampshark.gifSkin Of A Swampshark-2.05 oz
dragon_blood.gifDragon Blood-1.50 oz
heart_of_a_demon.gifHeart Of A Demon-6.66 oz
heart_of_an_ice_dragon.gifHeart Of An Ice Dragon-21.00 oz
heart_of_a_rock_dragon.gifHeart Of A Rock Dragon-24.50 oz
claw.gifClaw-0.32 oz
undead_dragons_soul_stone.gifUndead Dragon's Soul Stone-100.00 oz
horn_of_a_shadowbeast.gifHorn Of A Shadowbeast-1.52 oz
heart_of_a_stone_golem.gifHeart Of A Stone Golem-11.10 oz
heart_of_a_fire_golem.gifHeart Of A Fire Golem-7.60 oz
heart_of_an_ice_golem.gifHeart Of An Ice Golem-8.20 oz
mantis_head.gifMantis Head-0.80 oz
Store items
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
die.gifDie-2.00 oz
premium_scroll.gifPremium ScrollUsing this scroll will add 30 days of premium time to your account once.0.00 oz
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
heavy_form_boots.gifHeavy Form BootsThis item is necessary for equipment crafting.20.00 oz
light_form_boots.gifLight Form BootsThis item is necessary for equipment crafting.15.00 oz
heavy_form_legs.gifHeavy Form LegsThis item is necessary for equipment crafting.50.00 oz
light_form_legs.gifLight Form LegsThis item is necessary for equipment crafting.40.00 oz
heavy_form_armor.gifHeavy Form ArmorThis item is necessary for equipment crafting.60.00 oz
light_form_armor.gifLight Form ArmorThis item is necessary for equipment crafting.50.00 oz
heavy_form_helmet.gifHeavy Form HelmetThis item is necessary for equipment crafting.60.00 oz
light_form_helmet.gifLight Form HelmetThis item is necessary for equipment crafting.50.00 oz
Stone tablets
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
old_stone_tablet.gifOld Stone TabletA gray stone tablet. Vatras might be interested in ...12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_archery_i.gifStone Tablet Of Archery IBonus +1 to bow (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_archery_ii.gifStone Tablet Of Archery IIBonus +2 to bow (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_archery_iii.gifStone Tablet Of Archery IIIBonus +3 to bow (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_crossbow_i.gifStone Tablet Of Crossbow IBonus +1 to crossbow (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_crossbow_ii.gifStone Tablet Of Crossbow IIBonus +2 to crossbow (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_crossbow_iii.gifStone Tablet Of Crossbow IIIBonus +3 to crossbow (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_dexterity_i.gifStone Tablet Of Dexterity IBonus +1 to dexterity (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_dexterity_ii.gifStone Tablet Of Dexterity IIBonus +2 to dexterity (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_dexterity_iii.gifStone Tablet Of Dexterity IIIBonus +3 to dexterity (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_life_energy_i.gifStone Tablet Of Life Energy IBonus +10 to hit points (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_life_energy_ii.gifStone Tablet Of Life Energy IIBonus +25 to hit points (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_life_energy_iii.gifStone Tablet Of Life Energy IIIBonus +50 to hit points (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_magic_i.gifStone Tablet Of Magic IBonus +1 to magic level and 20 mana points (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_magic_ii.gifStone Tablet Of Magic IIBonus +1 to magic level and 50 mana points (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_magic_iii.gifStone Tablet Of Magic IIIBonus +1 to magic level and 100 mana points (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_one-handed_combat_i.gifStone Tablet Of One-handed Combat IBonus +1 to one-handed (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_one-handed_combat_ii.gifStone Tablet Of One-handed Combat IIBonus +2 to one-handed (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_one-handed_combat_iii.gifStone Tablet Of One-handed Combat IIIBonus +3 to one-handed (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_two-handed_combat_i.gifStone Tablet Of Two-handed Combat IBonus +1 to two-handed (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_two-handed_combat_ii.gifStone Tablet Of Two-handed Combat IIBonus +2 to two-handed (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_two-handed_combat_iii.gifStone Tablet Of Two-handed Combat IIIBonus +3 to two-handed (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_strength_i.gifStone Tablet Of Strength IBonus +1 to strength (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_strength_ii.gifStone Tablet Of Strength IIBonus +2 to strength (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
stone_tablet_of_strength_iii.gifStone Tablet Of Strength IIIBonus +3 to strength (permanent) after reading.12.00 oz
Exercise weapons
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
one-handed_exercise_sword.gifOne-handed Exercise Sword-30.00 oz
two-handed_exercise_axe.gifTwo-handed Exercise Axe-35.00 oz
exercise_bow.gifExercise Bow-25.00 oz
exercise_crossbow.gifExercise Crossbow-25.00 oz
exercise_wand.gifExercise Wand-25.00 oz
durable_one-handed_exercise_sword.gifDurable One-handed Exercise SwordSafe training tool for practicing one-handed techniques without the risk of getting kicked out of the game.0.00 oz
durable_two-handed_exercise_axe.gifDurable Two-handed Exercise AxeSafe training tool for practicing two-handed techniques without the risk of getting kicked out of the game.0.00 oz
durable_exercise_bow.gifDurable Exercise BowSafe training tool for practicing bow techniques without the risk of getting kicked out of the game.0.00 oz
durable_exercise_crossbow.gifDurable Exercise CrossbowSafe training tool for practicing crossbow techniques without the risk of getting kicked out of the game.0.00 oz
durable_exercise_wand.gifDurable Exercise WandSafe training tool for practicing magic techniques without the risk of getting kicked out of the game.0.00 oz
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