Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
fish.gifFish+5 hit points5.20 oz
clam_meat.gifClam Meat+15 hit points10.00 oz
apple.gifApple+3 hit points, gives +1 strength each 25 eaten apples (max. 4 times)1.50 oz
bread.gifBread+10 hit points5.00 oz
cheese.gifCheese+15 hit points4.00 oz
fire_strips.gifFire Strips+1 strength (permament)12.00 oz
theklas_stew.gifThekla's Stew+20 hit points, +1 strength (permament)11.00 oz
stew.gifStew+20 hit points12.00 oz
ham.gifHam+20 hit points7.00 oz
honey.gifHoney+12 hit points1.50 oz
fish_soup.gifFish Soup+15 hit points1.00 oz
fried_meat.gifFried Meat+12 hit points4.80 oz
raw_meat.gifRaw Meat+6 hit points5.90 oz
bug_meat.gifBug Meat+10 hit points9.00 oz
sausage.gifSausage+12 hit points8.00 oz
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
dark_mushroom.gifDark Mushroom+5 hit points, gives permamently +5 mana points each 50 eaten (max. 11 times)0.20 oz
digger_meat.gifDigger Meat+15 hit points0.30 oz
swampweed.gifSwampweedcan be used to make joints0.20 oz
meadow_knotweed.gifMeadow Knotweed+5 hit points0.30 oz
healing_herb.gifHealing Herb+20 hit points0.90 oz
healing_root.gifHealing Root+30 hit points0.50 oz
goblin_berry.gifGoblin Berry+1 dexterity (permament)0.20 oz
fire_nettle.gifFire Nettle+10 mana0.50 oz
kings_sorrel.gifKing's Sorrel+5 hit points0.20 oz
turnip.gifTurnip+2 hit points1.00 oz
fireweed.gifFireweed+15 mana1.00 oz
fire_root.gifFire Root+20 mana0.70 oz
snapperweed.gifSnapperweedincreases speed for 15 seconds1.10 oz
dragonroot.gifDragonroot+1 strength (permament)1.60 oz
healing_plant.gifHealing Plant+10 hit points0.67 oz
blue_elder.gifBlue Elder+5 hit points, +5 mana0.47 oz
meadow_berry.gifMeadow Berry+5 hit points0.57 oz
woodland_berry.gifWoodland Berry+5 hit points0.37 oz
weeds.gifWeedsno effect0.67 oz
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
elixir_of_strength.gifElixir Of Strength+3 strength (permament)2.00 oz
elixir_of_dexterity.gifElixir Of Dexterity+3 dexterity (permament)2.90 oz
speed_potion.gifSpeed Potionincreases speed for 300 seconds2.00 oz
extract_of_healing.gifExtract Of Healing+75 hit points1.25 oz
mana_extract.gifMana Extract+75 mana1.55 oz
mana_elixir.gifMana Elixir+100 mana1.85 oz
elixir_of_healing.gifElixir Of Healing+175 hit points, Only dragon hunters may drink this potion.1.45 oz
essence_of_healing.gifEssence Of Healing+50 hit points1.05 oz
mana_essence.gifMana Essence+50 mana1.45 oz
pure_life_energy.gifPure Life Energyheals full hit points3.10 oz
pure_mana.gifPure Manaheals full mana3.10 oz
elixir_of_life.gifElixir Of Life+20 to hit points (permament)3.50 oz
elixir_of_spirit.gifElixir Of Spirit+5 to mana points (permament)3.50 oz
the_tears_of_innos.gifThe Tears Of Innosheals full hit points, +5 strength (permament), +5 dexterity (permament), increases speed for 300 seconds4.00 oz
potion_of_dragon_egg_secretion.gifPotion Of Dragon Egg Secretion+5 strength (permament)4.00 oz
embarla_firgasto.gifEmbarla Firgasto+15 strength or +15 dexterity, depending which skill is higher (permament)4.00 oz
Name [sort] Description [sort] Weight [sort]
milk.gifMilk+5 hit points, +1 mana1.00 oz
gin.gifGin+4 hit points, +1 mana1.70 oz
beer.gifBeer+3 hit points, +1 mana0.90 oz
coragons_special_beer.gifCoragon's Special Beer+3 hit points, +1 mana, +3 to hit points (permament) and +1 to mana points (permament)1.70 oz
wine.gifWine+2 hit points, +1 mana3.70 oz
water.gifWater+12 hit points3.70 oz
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