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Here you will find all basic information about Gothania.

What is Gothania? Gothania is the first OpenTibia Server in history based fully on Gothic II including addons and modifiations to its game. Our goal is to unite all Gothic and Tibia players on our server and provide never ending game with regular updates.
Map Gothania map is completely custom and main Island is named Khorinis which has: City of Khorinis, Monastery and Onar's Farm. Full map can be found here.
Client Custom client with custom graphics. Client can be downloaded here.
Basic Information
Exp. rate: 1x (custom monsters) Loot rate: 1x (custom monsters)
Skill rate: 1x (custom skills) Magic rate: 1x (custom magic)
Regeneration: - (removed from game) Soul Points: - (removed from game)
Hp per level: 5 hit points Mana per level: 0 (can be increased in NPC)
Cap per level: 10 cap Learning Points per level: 5
Vocations: Guildless as no vocation that can join one of the following guilds: Militia (Paladin), Mercenary (Dragon Hunter) and Novice (Fire Mage) 5
All classic Tibia skills, monsters and spells got replaced equivalent to the Gothic II game.
List of all monsters is available here.
List of all spells & magic is available here.
More information about modified skills can be found here.
More information about vocations can be found here.
General Information
PVP: Open PvP with exp. for players Frag System: 2 daily, 4 weekly, 9 monthly
Stamina: 42 hours (incl. 2 happy hour) Houses: PACC only (1k gold each sqm)
Blessings: 5 blessings available Bots: Not allowed
Custom content
Magic Circle: required to use runes (only for Fire Mages) Strength & Dexterity required to equip weapons
Combat Skills: One-handed and Two-handed Distance Skills: Bow and Crossbow
Take Trophies: allows to collect creature products from certain creatures Create Runes: possibility to create runes
Alchemy: ability to brew potions Forge Weapons: ability to forge weapons using raw steels
Pickpocketing: ability to steal from NPCs Learning Points: needed for skill learning
Server data:
Monsters on map: 5424 NPCs on map: 160
Cities: 4 Total houses: 47
All obtainable items: 482 Total Quests: 29 (plus missions)
Premium Account Features:
2 hours of green stamina (50% bonus exp) ability to buy house
lower cooldown for sleeping in bed priority in login queue
placing offers on market in-game
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