All 9 outfits available on Gothania.
Appearance Name Type Addons Obtain
Beginner OutfitBeginner OutfitBeginnerbasic0-
Farmer OutfitFarmer OutfitFarmerquest0Lobart's Farm Quest
Novice OutfitNovice OutfitNovicequest1Become Novice
Militia OutfitMilitia OutfitMilitiaquest2Become Militia
Mercenary OutfitMercenary OutfitMercenaryquest2Become Mercenary
Fire Mage OutfitFire Mage OutfitFire Magequest1The Test of Fire & The Eye Of The Innos Quests (only as Fire Mage)
Paladin OutfitPaladin OutfitPaladinquest0Bennet is in jail Quest (only as Militia)
Dragon Hunter OutfitDragon Hunter OutfitDragon Hunterquest0Bennet is in jail Quest (only as Mercenary)
Thief OutfitThief OutfitThiefquest2The Thieves Guild Quest
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