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Train your combat skills with Wulfgar in Barracks.

Want to become Bosper's apprentice?

Bring sheep and 1000 gold pieces to follow Innos Path.

You will never forget your first run to the Castle in Valley Of Mines!

Only respected citizens of Khorinis are allowed enter Upper Quarter.

Don't forget to visit Milten in the Castle!

Water mages have settled in the central ruins in Jarkendar.

You want to enter Pirate's camp? Pay up!

Only in a bandit's outfit can you enter!

Cord will train up your combat skills.

Have an important message to Lord Hagen?

This hammer might be needed for some mission.

There's somewhere Thieves Guild hiding in Khorinis.

'That's none of your business' might trigger a fight!

Methinks I'm going to punch you in the face ...

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