Achievements are like extra challenges you can complete while playing on Gothania. This list shows you all the usual achievements you can reach in the game.

Compare yourself against other players in the Highscores. Achievements give you a certain number of points based on how hard they are:

There are 179 achievements that can be obtained in game.

Grade 1 Achievements
Aggressive Mercenaries (Agresywni najemnicy)
Help Akil by dealing with the aggressive mercenaries on his farm.
All quests from 1st chapter (Wszystkie questy z pierwszego rozdziału)
Complete all quests from the first chapter.
All quests from 2nd chapter (Wszystkie questy z drugiego rozdziału)
Complete all quests from the second chapter.
All quests from 3rd chapter (Wszystkie questy z trzeciego rozdziału)
Complete all quests from the third chapter.
All quests from 4th chapter (Wszystkie questy z czwartego rozdziału)
Complete all quests from the fourth chapter.
All quests from 5th chapter (Wszystkie questy z piątego rozdziału)
Complete all quests from the fifth chapter.
All quests from 6th chapter (Wszystkie questy z szóstego rozdziału)
Complete all quests from the sixth chapter.
Alpha Male (Samiec Alfa)
Help Fajeth by eliminating snappers.
Angar's Amulet (Amulet Angara)
Retrieve Angar's lucky amulet from the crypt
A Solitary Orc is a Dead Orc (Samotny ork to martwy ork)
Prove to the blacksmith Harad that you can be useful in defending the city by obtaining an orc weapon.
Benevolent Wanderer (Życzliwy wędrowiec)
Help Dragomir by retrieving his lost crossbow.
Blacksmith (Kowal)
Forge 100 weapons.
Blessed (Błogosławiony)
Seek the blessings of Innos and Adanos to gain the approval of the devout carpenter Thorben.
Bloody Work (Krwawa robota)
Help Cassia by obtaining 6 bloody goblets that belongs by Rhobar II.
Blueberry Picker (Zbieracz Jagód)
Pick up 10,000 blueberries.
Bonecrusher (Zgniatacz Kości)
Defeat the Crypt Goblin Skeleton boss.
Breaking The Secrets (Lamanie Tajemnic)
Gain access to the secret library in monastery.
Bug Exterminator (Egzekutor Owadów)
Eliminate the beetles infesting Brutus' chamber.
Business Downturn (Spadki w biznesie)
Help desperate merchant Fernando by delivering information about the Valley of Mines.
Carnivore (Mięsożerca)
Consume 1000 pieces of meat or ham.
Cave Dominator (Władca Jaskini)
Defeat the Minecrawler Leader boss.
Cleaner (Sprzątacz)
Help Parlan by cleaning the novices' chambers.
Commander Slayer (Zabójca Dowódcy)
Defeat Hosh-Pak, the orc commander.
Craft Your Power (Twórca mocy)
Create the Fire Arrow Rune.
Cunning Gambit (Chytry Manewr)
Successfully manipulate the 'Bottoms Up' competition in Orlan's tavern, securing a victory for Randolph.
Cunning Merchant Victory (Zwycięstwo Sprytnego Kupca)
Frame Sara for supplying weapons to Onar, prompting Lord Andre to close her shop.
Cure (Uzdrowienie)
Bring Vatras's remedy to heal Lobart's wife, Hilda.
Debt Collector (Komornik)
Retrieve the 100 gold coins owed to Matteo.
Delicious and nutritious (Pyszne i pożywne)
Bring a portion of herbs from herbalist Sagitta to Thekla to receive serving of goulash.
Delivery Service (Usługi kurierskie)
Deliver Diego's letter to Gerbrandt in the upper city.
Demonic Creature (Demoniczne Stworzenie)
Assist Sergio in dealing with the demonic creature near Isgaroth's chapel.
Desert Conqueror (Pokonaj Desert Dorenta)
Achieve victory over the Desert Dorent.
Dimmed light (Przyciemnione światło)
Help the sailor Jack reclaim his lighthouse from the bandits.
Disinsection (Dezynsekcja)
Help Fester deal with the field beasts and teach him a lesson about honesty.
Dogsbody (Chłopiec na posyłki)
Help Karras by obtaining scrolls from Ignaz's experiments.
Dragon Lord (Władca Smoków)
Uncover the secrets of the Dragon Lord and obtain the map to Irdorath Island.
Dragons really exists! (Smoki na prawdę istnieją!)
Convince Lord Hagen by presenting solid evidence of the dragon-led dark army's existence in the Valley of Mines.
Enjoy the Silence (Ciesz się ciszą)
Bring peace to Alwin's sheep by convincing Fellan to stop hammering.
Escape from Valley (Ucieczka z Doliny)
Help Talbin escape from the Valley and reach Khorinis.
Everyone has their own price (Każdy ma swoją cenę)
Join the mercenaries by gaining the support of various mercenaries and passing Torlof's test.
Everyone Once Started (Każdy kiedyś zaczynał)
Help Babo start his training with Sergio by convincing the paladin to teach him.
Evil Hunt (Polowanie na zło)
Eliminate the servants of the Beliar near Dexter's bandit camp after speaking with Torlof.
Experienced hunter (Doświadczony myśliwy)
Help the hunter Gaan by defeating a powerful monster threatening his hunting grounds.
Eye of Innos Restored (Oko Innosa odnowione)
Restore the Eye of Innos with the help of Pyrokar, Vatras, and Xardas.
Fair exchange (Sprawiedliwa wymiana)
Learn hunting skills from Grom by bringing him some food.
Fallen Paladin (Poległy paladyn)
Inform Paladin Oric about his brother's death at the pass.
Farmer in need (Farmer w potrzebie)
Help the farmer Lobart by eliminating the field beasts.
Farm Guardian (Strażnik Farmy)
Save Bengar's farm from isolation and peril.
Feed the Army (Nakarmić armie)
Provide the necessary meat to increase the food rations at the castle.
Fine Armor! (Niezła zbroja!)
Craft full armor from crawler plates with Wolf.
First skinning (Pierwsze skórowanie)
Learn the art of skinning by delivering half a dozen wolf skins to Bosper for a good payment.
Following the Signs (Podążając za znakami)
Solve the riddle given by Pyrokar and complete the Test of Fire to become a fire mage.
Frozen Guardians (Zamrożeni Strażnicy)
Defeat the ice golems guarding the entrance to the icy realm
Full Gather (Pełne Zebranie)
Gather the full team for Irdorath journey.
Fury's End (Koniec Furii)
Topple the Angry Scavenger boss.
Generous Feast (Hojne Uczta)
Deliver a substantial amount of food to Gerold
Give me my weapon (Broń dla mnie)
Find and bring back Peck, the weapons master, to Lord Andre to receive your equipment.
Goblinbane (Goblinobójca)
Defeat the Goblin Skirmisher boss.
Golden Diego (Złoty Diego)
Retrieve Diego's hidden pouch of gold.
Good Fighter (Dobry Wojownik)
Gain Cord's vote by improving your close combat skills with any type of melee weapon.
Hard as a stone (Twardy jak kamień)
Destroy the magical golem using the holy hammer as part of the Fire Test.
Harvest Master (Mistrz Żniwiarz)
Harvest 1,000 wheat crops.
Helpful Hand (Pomocna Dłoń)
Rescue Gorn.
Herb Seeker (Poszukiwacz ziół)
Collect 7 Fire Nettle plants for the alchemist Neoras.
He who excuses himself accuses himself (Tylko winny sie tłumaczy)
Help Jora recover stolen gold from the thief Rengar, a member of the Thieves' Guild.
How Much? (Ile tego?)
Find out how many lumps of ore have been extracted in the mines in Valley of Mines.
I also want to be a magician! (Chcę też być magiem!)
Become a Fire Mage by completing the tasks assigned by the Fire Mages.
I Am the Farmer Now (Teraz jestem farmerem)
Help Lobart on his farm and buy the farmer's outfit.
I Brought Turnips (Przyniosłem rzepy)
Deliver the turnips to Lobart's wife, Hilda.
I Found Recipe (Znalazłem przepis)
Locate and return Neoras's lost recipe.
I gave away sausage (Rozdałem kiełbasę)
Distribute sheep sausages to the novices as requested by Gorax, the fire mage.
I have a job (Mam pracę)
Become an apprentice to one of the masters in the lower part of the city.
I know the dealer now (Znam teraz dilera)
Discover the identity of the swamp weed dealer and complete the task for Lord Andre.
Initiation (Przyjęcie)
Steal a Constantino's ring for Cassia and get accepted into the Thieves Guild.
Innocence (Niewinność)
Clear Bennet's name and reveal the truth behind the false accusation.
Intercept the Delivery (Przechwycić dostawę)
Intercept the delivery for Nagur.
Judge's Aid (Lokaj Sędziego)
Expose the judge's dark dealings.
Leak for the little ones (Przeciek dla maluchów)
Gather information about the orc threat and the arrival of paladins to calm down Garvell.
Lizard Exterminator (Wybijacz Jaszczurek)
Defeat the Cave Lizard boss.
Lobart's Problem (Problem Lobarta)
Help Lobart by eliminating the orc warriors near his farm.
Long live the King! (Niech żyje Król!)
Join the city guard in Khorinis by becoming a citizen or completing a task for Lord Andre.
Lost and Found (Zgubione i Odnalezione)
Retrieve Hanna's lost treasure map.
Loyal Companion (Wierny Towarzysz)
Help Udar find his missing comrade and return his weapon.
Magician Courier (Magiczny kurier)
Deliver Vatras' urgent message to Isgaroth.
Marine Explorer (Eksplorator Morski)
Discover the secrets of Irdorath Island and become a skilled seafarer.
Marsh Marauder (Najeźdźca z Bagien)
Defeat the Swamp Snapper boss.
Mastersmith (Mistrz Kowalstwa)
Help Jan become the new blacksmith.
Me, Myself, and the Farm (Ja, ja sam i farma)
Collect turnips from the small field for Lobart.
Merchant in Need (Kupiec w potrzebie)
Deliver a shipment from farmer Akila to the merchant Baltram and ensure its safe return to the city.
Mushroom Picker (Zbieracz Grzybów)
Pick up 5,000 mushrooms.
Mutant Menace (Zagrożenie Mutantów)
Defeat the Mutated Rat boss.
Need Backup (Potrzebna Pomoc)
Help Paladin Marcos by informing Captain Garond about his group's mining struggles.
No bandits, no problem (Bez bandytów, bez problemu)
Help Maleth deal with nearby bandits who are causing trouble on his farm.
Nothing Can't Stop Me! (Nic nie jest w stanie mnie zatrzymać!)
Find the rare Sun Aloe for the herbalist Sagitta.
Nudes (Nagie zdjęcia)
Recover the documents that could incriminate Babo.
Obedient Dog (Posłuszny pies)
Retrieve the package of swamp weed for Lord Andre.
Old Sword (Stary miecz)
Retrieve Alrik's old sword and return it to him.
One Night Stand (Przygoda na Jedną Noc)
Sleep with Nadja.
Orcish Trophy (Orkowe Trofeum)
Retrieve the ring of orcish leaders for Dar.
Orc Slayer (Zabójca Orków)
Defeat the orc leaders and retrieve their rings
Paladin's Lost Savings (Zagubione Oszczędności Paladyna)
Help Keroloth recover his lost savings
Persuasive Shepherd (Perswazyjny Pasterz)
Convinced Bengar to allow Balthasar to graze his sheep.
Plant Picker (Zbieracz Roślin)
Pick up 1,000 plants (any type).
Potion Drinker (Pijak Mikstur)
Consume 10,000 potions (any type).
Professor (Profesor)
Read 30 bookstands.
Queen Slayer (Pokonać Królewnę)
Defeat the Queen Of Field Raiders boss.
Recently Created Spell (Niedawno stworzone zaklęcie)
Successfully test the spell 'Oblivion' created by alchemist Ignaz.
Recovered Loss (Odzyskana strata)
Retrieve the stolen bow for Bosper.
Recovery Aid (Wsparcie w Leczeniu)
Help Randolph in his struggle against addiction
Reds are Bad (Czerwoni są źli)
Resolve the issues with the city guards on Bengar's farm.
Rescue the Sheep (Ocal owcę)
Rescue a sheep from the bandits' cave and bring it back to Akil's farm.
Respected (Szanowany)
Earn the respect of the mecenaries and Torlof.
Ring Delivery (Dostawa Pierścienia)
Successfully deliver Udar's ring to Tengron at the castle.
Roadside Robbery (Napad w drodze do miasta)
Eliminate the bandits responsible for the roadside attacks and inform Hakon about their demise.
Rosi's Escort (Eskorta dla Rosi)
Escort Rosi and her son to their destination.
Rotten Terror (Zgnilizna)
Defeat the Rotten Lurker boss.
Runemaker (Twórca Run)
Craft any rune from each magic circle.
Sanguine Dreadbane (Krwawy Strachobój)
Vanquish the ominous presence of the Mutated Blood Fly.
Savings Box (Skarbonka)
Reclaim the funds stolen from Brutus.
Seafaring Captain (Kapitan Morski)
Appoint a skilled captain for the expedition to Irdorath Island.
Sekob's Deception (Podstęp Sekoba)
Deceive Rosi and Tillo and bring them to Sekob's farm.
Shadowbeast Horns (Rogi Cieniostwora)
Collect shadowbeast horns for Buster.
Shady Deals (Lewe Interesy)
Expose the scam with fake shares in the mines.
Sheep protector (Obrońca owiec)
Help Pepe protect his sheep from the wolves lurking in the area.
Shepherd's Stick (Laska Pasterza)
Assist Maleth in retrieving his staff.
Simp (Podrywacz)
Buy a frying pan for Hilda.
Sleeper (Śpioch)
Use beds 100 times and actually sleep.
Something for Something (Coś za coś)
Retrieve the recipe for Opolos in exchange for promised strength training.
Spiritual Support (Duchowe wsparcie)
Pray for the fallen paladins in the local chapel.
Steadfast (Nieugięty)
Deliver 12 bottles of monastery wine to Orlan's tavern for Gorax without falling for any attempts at deception.
Stellar Dominance (Potęga Gwiazd)
Uncover the perilous celestial alignment.
Strong Man (Pudzian)
Prove your strength by lifting Rod's two-handed sword.
Swampweed Dealer (Handlarz bagien)
Gain Cipher's support by providing him with swampweed stems.
The Chosen One (Wybraniec)
Repair the Eye of Innos.
The Purifier (Oczyszczyciel)
Cleanse 7 desecrated shrines of Innos on the island using Ulthar's holy water.
The way to God (Droga do Boga)
Join the monastery by making the required offering and bringing an owl.
The Weed King (Król ziela)
Retrieve Cipher's package of swamp weed.
Thirsty Farmer (Spragniony rolnik)
Provide wine for Vino and the other farmers to boost their morale.
Time Traveler (Podróżnik w Czasie)
Use teleport runes 1000 times.
Towards Adventure (Ku Przygodzie)
Find the Captain.
Undead Exorcist (Wypędzacz Nieumarłych)
Defeat the Demon Skeleton boss.
Undisputed Duel Champion (Niepokonany mistrz pojedynków)
Prove your combat prowess to Jarvis by defeating at least three of Sylvio's supporters in a duel.
Unfair Merchant (Nieuczciwy kupiec)
Expose Canthar's dishonest plan with Sara.
Uninvited Guests (Nieproszeni goście)
Help Sekob by eliminating the trespassers in the tenant's house.
Unique Item (Wyjątkowy Przedmiot)
Obtain a rare trophy for Lutero.
We did it to the pass! (Dotarliśmy do przełęczy!)
Successfully escort Bilgot through various dangers to the pass in Valley of Mines.
Wereboar Slayer (Zabójca Dzikołaka)
Defeat the Wereboar boss.
Wheel (Kołowrotek)
Unlock the secrets of Vino's distillery.
Wolves' Sovereign (Suweren Wilków)
Defeat the King Of The Wolves boss.
Work Hard or Go Home (Pracuj ciężko albo idź do domu)
Complete various tasks for the Fire Mages and assist the community.
World Class Fisher (Rybak Światowej Klasy)
Catch 5,000 fishes.
Wow! I could be an alchemist (Wow! Mogę być alchemikiem)
Collect various herbs for Constantino to prove your interest in alchemy.
You Better Pay! (Lepiej zapłać!)
Collect the overdue rent from Sekob on behalf of Torlof.
Grade 2 Achievements
Demon Exorcist (Egzorcysta Demonów)
Defeat a variety of demon enemies.
Demonic Purge (Purpura Demonów)
Defeat 5 demons in Xardas' Tower.
Dragon Hatchling Hunter (Łowca Smoczych Piskląt)
Defeat the Baby Dragon boss.
Dragon Slayer (Zabójca Smoków)
Defeat all dragons in the Valley of Mines.
Feros' Sword (Miecz Ferosa)
Retrieve Feros' lost sword and return it to him.
Glacial Colossus (Lodowy Kolos)
Defeat the Ice Foot boss.
Glacial Predator (Polarny Drapieżnik)
Defeat the Crystal Wolf boss.
Golem Crusher (Kruszyciel Golema)
Defeat the Rock boss.
Infernal Artisan (Piekielny Rzemieślnik)
Defeat the Crafty Fire Golem boss.
Inferno Slayer (Zabójca Inferno)
Defeat Lizard Elite.
Lizard Royalty (Królewski Jaszczur)
Defeat the King of the Lizards boss.
Lycanthrope Slayer (Zabójca Lykantropów)
Defeat the Bloody Werewolf boss.
Neoras' Dragon Egg Potion (Mikstura Neorasa ze smoczych jaj)
Help Neoras obtain a dragon egg for his potion.
Orcbane (Zabójca Orków)
Defeat a variety of orc enemies.
Outlaw Annihilator (Wybijacz Rozbójników)
Defeat a variety of bandit enemies.
Proof of strength (Dowód siły)
Prove your strength by obtaining the skin of a black troll as a challenge from Raoul.
Seafaring Crew (Załoga Morska)
Assemble a skilled crew for the expedition to Irdorath Island.
Sky Scourge (Prześladowca Nieba)
Defeat the Flying Terror boss.
Sleepless (Bezsennik)
Defeat the Nightmare boss.
Smoke Weed Every Day (Pal Zioło Codziennie)
Smoke weed every day for 1 month.
Swamp Sovereign (Władczyni Bagien)
Defeat the Swampshark Queen boss.
Trollbane (Zabójca Trolli)
Defeat a variety of troll enemies.
Undead Champion (Mistrz Nieumarłych)
Defeat the Skeleton Gladiator boss.
Unexpected Reunion (Niespodziewane Spotkanie)
Experience an unexpected reunion with Ur-Shak and complete the quest involving Hosh-Pak.
Grade 3 Achievements
Dragon Egg Hunter (Łowca Smoczych Jaj)
Collect and deliver all dragon eggs to Bennet.
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