Appreantices in Khorinis

The choice of an apprentice has a significant impact on our gameplay at every stage. We can only be an apprentice to one master, so it's worth considering our choice carefully. If we wish to make a change, it is possible to purchase a change at the Gothania Store.


Bosper lives in the first building on the right side from the entrance to the Khorinis, coming from Lobart's farm. As apprentices, we will need to bring him skins of different animals. Of course, he will pay for each one. To gain the support of this master, we must bring him 6 wolf skins. If someone doesn't know how to remove skins from animals, Bosper will teach us. Once the mission is completed, we will earn Bosper's support.


Harad is a blacksmith. When entering Khorinis through the gate leading to the Lower City, you need to go straight ahead. Although Harad already has an apprentice, he can still hire us. As an apprentice, we will need to forge weapons that our master will buy from us. However, before the blacksmith hires us, we must show him that we have some skills. We must bring Harad an orcish weapon. After delivering the weapon, we will gain Harad's favor.


Constantino is an alchemist that lives in Khorinis. To reach him, you need to turn right before Harad's forge and enter a small tunnel. On the left side of the tunnel, you will find the entrance to Constantino's house. As his apprentice, you will need to provide him with dark mushrooms. To become his apprentice, you must bring him some plants. He will give you a list with all the plants he needs written on it.

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