Quick Looting

Quick Looting is a system that was introduced to make looting faster and more effective. In order to organize your loots, players are able to manage their loot Containers and assign them to three categories. Items picked up via Quick Looting are automatically sorted between these containers (if they are set up). Selected containers for your loot should be placed in your main backpack.

By default, all items are picked up via Quick Loot feature. However Premium Account players can also add items they do not want to loot to the Skipped List. Automated conversion of coins to platinum and crystal coins is only available for Premium Account players as well.

To pick up the loot using this feature, you have to use Quick Loot Hotkey on dead corpse.

Currently these are the possible mouse button and key combinations available:

  • Shift + Right mouse click (default) - This option does not change any default control but is less practical.
  • Right mouse click - When using this option, your character will loot the corpse instead of opening it.
  • Left mouse click - When using this option, your character will loot the corpse instead of walking over it.

It can be changed in in Options > Control > Quick Loot Hotkey.

Manage Loot Containers is the place where players can configure their Quick Looting settings. To access that window, click on the loot container in top right menu or hold CTRL and Right Click on any container in your equipment to see Manage Loot Containers option.

To add items to Skipped List find it by its name in the All Items List. Select it and then check in Skip when Quick Looting checkbox. Selected item will now appear in Skipped List. Same way it can be removed from list but by unchecking the checkbox. You can also hold CTRL and Right Click on any item in-game and then click on Add to Loot List or Remove from Loot List.

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