As you gain knowledge about creatures and unlock their entries in the Bestiary, the frequency at which you need to defeat them to learn more about them will vary based on their difficulty level.

Additionally, the difficulty of a creature will determine the amount of Charm Points you receive upon completing an entry in the Bestiary. Once you have fully unlocked all stages of a creature's entry, you will have the ability to attach one of your unlocked Charms to it, providing you with even greater advantages in future battles.

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Bestiary Information
Charm points 0 (0)
Charms unlocked: 0 / 9
Creatures unlocked: 0 / 170
Based on the number of creatures currently in the Bestiary, a total of 6,280 Charm Points can be obtained
Unlocked Charms
(no charms unlocked for this character)
Go to charm management to manage your charms.
Manage charm slots
First slot: (empty)
Second slot: (premium only) (empty)
Third slot: (available in store) (empty)
Keep in mind that charms are only working against monsters you have unlocked.
Harmless creatures (10 charm points)
Low creatures (15 charm points)
Medium creatures (25 charm points)
Hard creatures (50 charm points)
Challenging creatures (200 charm points)
Challenging Bosses (30 charm points)
Special creatures (30 charm points)
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