Loyalty System

Loyalty Points

The Loyalty System was designed to favour Gothania's most loyal customers. Every purchased Premium day on an account equals one loyalty point. Thereby all Premium Time on an account is taken into account including, among others, used Premium Scrolls in-game and Premium Time purchased on website. Additionally, purchased Gothania Coins via website can also contribute to an account's loyalty points.

Loyalty Highscores

Players with the most points can be seen on their corresponding Highscores page. In addition, any player can choose whether or not they want to show their amount of loyalty points on one of their account's character pages.

The 100 accounts with the most loyalty points are listed in the Loyalty Highscores. Per default, the character with the highest level on an account that is not hidden is displayed here. Note, if all of your characters are hidden, you will not appear in the Loyalty Highscores at all. Also, characters of accounts which have been deleted or suspended/frozen are not displayed in the Highscores.

Loyalty Titles

All characters of an account receive a title which represents their earned loyalty points. For all characters that are not hidden, the title appears in the character view on the website and ingame by looking at a character. The titles are also displayed in the Loyalty Highscores.

Loyalty Bonus

Characters with at least 40 loyalty points will receive a bonus to their all skills. List of all bonuses is displayed below in the table.

Loyalty Table
Loyalty Points Title Bonus
40 Meatbug of Gothania +1 to all skills
80 Scavenger of Gothania +2 to all skills
150 Snapper of Gothania +3 to all skills
300 Lurker of Gothania +4 to all skills
500 Shadowbeast of Gothania +5 to all skills
800 Troll of Gothania +6 to all skills
1200 Demon of Gothania +7 to all skills
2000 Raven of Gothania +8 to all skills
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