The basic character factors are Strength, Dexterity, Hit Points (life) and Mana Points. Out of these four, three can be trained, e.g we can learn them during the game by spending the gained learning points on it from NPCs. That goes to Strength, Dexterity and Mana Points, except Hit points that permanently grow by advancing to next level. Additionally all of them can be permanently gained by drinking special potions, dishes and so on, or temporary increased by wearing special items. Furthermore player can learn also abilities such as fighting skills etc. which are also described below. This creates a lot of opportunities for individual development of your character.

Magic Circle / Magic Level

Both abilities refers to the magic, but they are completely different. Most of the magic scrolls have their counterparts in the form of magic runes that can be used any amount of time. These runes require learnt specified magic circle depending on the spell. Magic Circles can be only learnt by mages from NPCs.

On the other hand, magic level increases whenever you spend your Mana Points using magic. The higher magic level you have, the more damage you deal with the spells.

There are three magic level ranks: Adept, Master and Priest, which grants Critical Magic hits if you have equipped any wand.

Strength / Dexterity

Strength is one of the basic skills in the game that every warrior who wants to use melee weapons or crossbow should focus on it and develop. By increasing our strength, we have the opporonuity to use better weapons that are heavier and at the same time, better.

Dexterity is also mainly dedicated to the warriors, but unlike strength, dexterity plays an important role in your bow career. High dexterity is also important for thieves eg. during pickpocketing.

One-handed / Two-handed

These skills are for people who like to fight with melee weapons. Thanks to these skills, we can learn and develop in the art of using one-handed or two handed weapons. We can learn it from NPCs or train it by dealing attacking another creatures. The higher skill, the more damage you deal.

There are three ranks: Fighter, Master and Grandmaster, which grants Critical Damage hits if you wear appropriate weapon.

Bow / Crossbow

These skills are for people who like to fight on distance. Crossbow usually require more strength than bows, but they also deal more damage. Successive levels of these skills increase the accuracy of your shots and dealt damage. The higher skill, the more damage you deal.

There are three ranks: Fighter, Marksman and Grandmaster, which grants Critical Damage hits if you wear appropriate weapon.


Fishing is the art of catching fish. Simply use a Fishing Rod on water while holding worms to catch a fish. Every tile of water has a limited about of tropies can that be fished by every player. After being caught it will take a decent amount of time to respawn. The higher skill, the more chance to fish you have.

There are three ranks: Fisherman, Pearl Digger and King of the Sea, which gives more loot can that be fished from water.

Take Trophies

Learning some field of this skill is one of the ways to make money easily and quickly. Possibilities in this vast and quite interesting field are extremely varied. And we can learn how to:

  • Remove skin from reptiles
  • Remove teeth
  • Remove furs
  • Remove claws
  • Remove tongue
  • Remove plates
  • Remove mandibles
  • Remove the stinger of bloodfly
  • Remove the wings of bloodfly
  • Remove heart
  • Remove dragon scales
  • Remove the secretion from the stinger
  • Remove the Horn of a Shadowbeast
  • Remove the Horn of a Dragon Snapper
  • Collect dragon blood

Each of these abilities allows us to collect trophies from certain creatures, eg. you must know how to 'Remove furs' to loot Wolf Skin from Wolves.

Create Runes
Creating runes, as the name suggest, we can create runes only among fire mages. With the right ingredients, we can create the rune we need. Unfortunately, this skill cannot be acquired by anyone except the Innos' servants.

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It is one of the most practical skills we can learn. By learning alchemy from a master, we discover the secrets of ancient methods of treatment with plants...

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Forge Weapons
It is very useful skill, because after learning how to blacksmith, we can create weapons from the weaker to...

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