Quests in-game

This is the list of all quests available on the server. Each quest might contain multiple missions. Description and rewards list on this site are shortened.

Name Chapter Vocation Reward Description
Lobart's Farm1AllExperience, Farmer set, Farmer outfit and moreWork for Lobart on his and farm and help the farmers.
Bosper's Bow1AllExperienceBosper had a bow stolen from him.
Apprentice in Khorinis1AllExperience, Citizen outfit, become an apprentice and moreBecome an apprentice with one of the masters to be a citizen of Khorinis.
Serve the Community1NoviceExperience, access to the Library and moreAs a novice, perform tasks to serve the community. Complete the tasks for the mages to grant permissions to study in the library.
The Test of Fire1NoviceExperience, become a Fire Mage and moreDemand the Test of Fire and complete test set by each of the three magicians from the High Council.
The Harbor District1AllExperience, gold coins and moreHelp people in the harbor district with their problems.
Pirate Trade1AllExperience, gold coinsCity trader Baltram is doing business with the pirates.
Dragomir's Crossbow1AllExperience, gold coinsDragomir lost his crossbow at a strange stone circle in the high northern mountains.
The Snorting Creature1AllExperience and moreSnorting creature is causing trouble for the hunter Gaan
The Hungry Hunter1AllExperience and moreGrom the hunter will teach you what he knows if you get him something to eat.
The Field Raiders1AllExperience and moreHelp Fester with the field raiders.
The Weed Package1AllExperience, stalks of swampweed and moreThe mercenary Cipher has lost a package of swampweed.
The Mercenaries Respect1GuildlessExperience, become a Mercenary and moreTalk with the important mercenaries and get their votes.
Drive away The Militia1GuildlessExperience and moreDrive away the militia from farmer Bengar's farm.
Collect the Rent1GuildlessExperience and moreCollect the rent from the farmer Sekob
Evidence2AllExperienceLord Hagen wants you to bring him proof of the Army of Evil
Help For Diego3AllExperienceDiego has some business to you and needs your help.
The Desecraeted Shrines3Militia and PaladinExperienceUlthar wants you to pirufy all the shrines.
The Sun Aloe1AllExperienceSagitta needs a weird kind of herb.
Forged Mine Shares3Fire Mage, Mercenary and Dragon HuntersExperienceYou must found out who's selling illegal ore mine shares to the merchants.
Bennet is in jail3AllExperience and moreProve Bennet's innocence quickly to get him out of the jail.
Rescue Gorn2AllExperience and moreYou have to get Gorn out of the jail.
The Eye of Innos3AllExperience and moreFind and repair The Eye of Innos.
The Dragon Hunt4AllExperience and moreFind and kill all 4 dragons in the Valley of Mines.
Neoras' Dragon Egg Brew4Fire Mage and PaladinsExperience and potion of dragon egg secretionNeoras needs a dragon egg for his experiment.
Master of the Dragons5AllExperience and moreYou have to figure out where is the master of all dragons.
I need a ship.5AllExperience and moreGather a crew, find captain and fix access to the ship.
Who will be my captain?5AllExperience and moreYou need a captain that will help you get to the strange's island.
No traveling without a crew5AllExperience and moreYou need a solid crew with at least five members for the mission.
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