Daily Rewards

The daily rewards system has been added to the server to encourage players to visit Innos Shrines more often. To claim the daily reward, you need to start dialogue with the Statue of Innos, which can be found throughout the map.

Upon usage, a dialogue option Daily rewards from Innos will open.

There is an option to claim the reward without visiting the Statue of Innos by having the handy Statue of Innos item.

You have the option to claim the reward and check your daily strike reward. The reward can only be claimed once per day, and the reset time for claiming it occurs with every server save. However, if you miss claiming your reward once, you will lose your strike and the associated benefits.

The Reward Line

The rewards you can obtain are influenced by your position on the Reward Lane, which undergoes changes each time you claim a new reward. The Reward Lane encompasses a span of 7 days, offering a diverse range of rewards that differ for Premium and Free players.

Day Free Account Premium Account
1 choose up to 5 potions choose up to 10 (50 max) potions
2 choose up to 5 scrolls choose up to 10 (50 max) scrolls
3 choose up to 5 herbs choose up to 10 (50 max) herbs
4 choose up to 5 potions choose up to 10 (50 max) potions
5 1x temple teleport scroll 1x temple teleport scroll
6 1 exercise weapon (450 charges) 2 exercise weapons (450 charges, up to 2250)
7 10 minutes of XP Boost 20 (up to 40) minutes of XP Boost

It's important to note that these items cannot be traded to other players or sold, and are sent to Your Store Inbox.

Streak Bonuses

As you diligently collect your daily rewards, your reward streak counter continues to rise. Each day that passes adds to your streak, unlocking special bonuses alongside your regular rewards. The rewards also become increasingly favorable with each week of claiming daily rewards for Premium Players (up to 4 weeks).

These streak bonuses are applied to the character and include the following benefits:

  1. Stamina regeneration only in Protection Zone.
  2. No bonus for the second day.
  3. Stamina regeneration outside protection zone. (Premium only)
  4. No bonus for the fourth day.
  5. Will points regeneration.
  6. No bonus for the sixth day.
  7. Will points regeneration 3x time faster (Premium only).

Reward Jokers

Each character will receive one Daily Reward Joker for every week they have collected their rewards. These jokers can be used to make up for any missed daily rewards during a server save cycle. Characters can accumulate any amount of Daily Reward Jokers. The number of jokers a character has can be checked at Innosa's. Players also have the option to purchase additional jokers from the Gothania Store.

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