Training System & Skills

New Training System on Gothania

training system

To make it easier for players to train their characters, we've added a new training system on Gothania. Now you can choose from two options:

  • Traditional training on dummies (for melee weapons) or target boards (for ranged weapons)
  • Training using exercise weapons (for any type of skill, including magic level)

Exercise weapons weapons can be purchased from NPCs in every city (they last for 15 minutes) or from the Gothania Store (they last for 4 hours). Regardless of the training method you choose, skills will increase at the same rate. To train using exercise weapons, you need to use them on an exercise dummy.

Additionally, we have introduced a training stamina that lasts for 4 hours. We want to give every player a fair chance by eliminating the advantage that would be gained by those who use illegal software. This stamina only applies to training on training dummies, target boards, or exercise dummies.

It's worth noting that the stamina regenerates only when we are not training. To fully restore the 4-hour training stamina, we need to take a total of 20 hours of break from training.

Apart from that, players can improve skills in the classic way on other players or monsters without any limits.

New Skill system on Gothania

training system

In Gothania, skills have been split into four sources:

  • Basic - skills that are trained by the player
  • Learnt - skills that are obtained from NPCs by spending Learning Points
  • Bonuses - skills that are obtained from various sources such as food, potions, and other similar items
  • Equipment - skills that are obtained from worn equipment
  • Loyalty - skills that are obtained by spending Loyalty Points

It's important to note that the different sources of skills - Basic, Learnt, Bonuses, Equipment and Loyalty - are separate from each other and do not affect the speed or cost of skill gain.

For example, if a player has 61 skill, of which 11 are Basic skills and 50 are Learnt skills, the rate at which their Basic skills increase will be the same whether or not they have Learnt skills.

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