PlayWar Island

In Gothania, a premium-only island has been added with various attractions such as an arena where players can test their combat skills. On the arena, players don't lose anything, and the interested ones can watch the duels from the upper pavilion.

There is also a football field for team matches, as well as chess and checkers boards. This is a dedicated place for those seeking additional entertainment and challenges. The entire island is a protected zone, ensuring that every player is safe within its boundaries.

Here's what you can find on the island:

  • an arena where players can test their combat skills
  • football field for team matches
  • chess and checkers boards
  • a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere
  • a place for sports and board game enthusiasts who seek additional entertainment and challenges

To get to the island, you just need to find the portal located near the temple in every city. Simply click on it to teleport to the island. This portal is easy to notice. After teleporting, players will be taken to the island, where they will have access to all its attractions.

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Test your skills on the battle arena.

Watch battles on the arena.

Play football with your friends.

A portal on the island.

A portal leading to the island in Khorinis.

Test yourself in chess.

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