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General Information

Location: Zamek
Teacher: Yes
Trader: No
Possible to fight: No
Possible to pickpocket: Yes (min. 47 dexterity)


He is a paladin near the store room. He is a merchant.
Sells: Buys:
Arrow (1 gp)
Onyx Arrow (5 gp)
Bolt (1 gp)
Piercing Bolt (5 gp)
Rusty Crossbow (1500 gp)
Elm Bow (4000 gp)
Harness Amulet (2000 gp)
Paw's Punch (6000 gp)
Diamond Arrow (75 gp)
Spectral Bolt (75 gp)
Rusty Crossbow (495 gp)
Crossbow (2000 gp)
Giant Machete (2000 gp)
Ash Bow (2000 gp)
Elm Bow (1250 gp)
Hunting Bow (500 gp)
Heavy Crossbow (15000 gp)
War Crossbow (5000 gp)
Longbow (3500 gp)
Oak Bow (15000 gp)
Dragon Slicer (30000 gp)
War Axe (14000 gp)
Orc Slayer (30000 gp)
Heavy War Hammer (20000 gp)
Battleaxe (5000 gp)
Fine Bastard Sword (10000 gp)
Mace (8000 gp)
Staff Mace (1500 gp)
Stonebreaker (2000 gp)
Longsword (2500 gp)
Mace And Chain (3500 gp)
Double-bladed Axe (3500 gp)
Harness Amulet (660 gp)
Paw's Punch (1980 gp)
Guard's Sword (6500 gp)
Twin Axe (8500 gp)
Sword Of Victory (10000 gp)

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