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General Information

Location: Zamek
Teacher: No
Trader: Yes
Possible to fight: No
Possible to pickpocket: Yes (min. 32 dexterity)


He is a paladin and the friend from Udar. Merchant.
Sells: Buys:
Ring of Force (600 gp)
Mana Essence (25 gp)
Mana Extract (55 gp)
sleep scroll (100 gp)
War Hammer (5000 gp)
Mana Elixir (100 gp)
ice block scroll (275 gp)
Orcish War Sword (300 gp)
Heavy Orc Axe (200 gp)
Brutal Orc Axe (250 gp)
Light Orc Axe (100 gp)
Lizard Sword (150 gp)
Ring of Force (198 gp)
sleep scroll (33 gp)
lightning scroll (125 gp)
War Hammer (1600 gp)

Map location:

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