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General Information

Location: Wyspa Khorinis
Teacher: Yes
Trader: Yes
Possible to fight: No
Possible to pickpocket: Yes (min. 103 dexterity)


She is also called witch and is in a cave behind Sekob's farm
Sells: Buys:
Mana Essence (25 gp)
Swampweed (10 gp)
Sulfur (40 gp)
Antidote Potion (40 gp)
Healing Bandage (40 gp)
Mana Extract (55 gp)
Pure Mana (1000 gp)
Pure Life Energy (700 gp)
Swampweed (3 gp)
Glacier Quartz (10 gp)
Sulfur (13 gp)
Healing Plant (20 gp)
Healing Herb (20 gp)
Fire Nettle (10 gp)
Fireweed (20 gp)
Snapperweed (100 gp)
Coal (15 gp)
Rock Crystal (40 gp)
Healing Root (40 gp)
Aquamarine (100 gp)

Map location:

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