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General Information

Location: Miasto Khorinis
Teacher: Yes
Trader: Yes
Possible to fight: No
Possible to pickpocket: Yes (min. 59 dexterity)


He is a master craftsman, a teacher for alchemy.
Sells: Buys:
Swampweed (10 gp)
Blue Elder (10 gp)
Goblin's Bone (5 gp)
Dark Mushroom (2 gp)
Digger Meat (7 gp)
Healing Plant (20 gp)
Healing Herb (20 gp)
Fire Nettle (10 gp)
Swampweed (3 gp)
Rock Crystal (40 gp)
Blue Elder (3 gp)
Goblin Berry (250 gp)
Fireweed (20 gp)
King's Sorrel (500 gp)
Dragonroot (500 gp)
Snapperweed (100 gp)
Skeleton Bone (5 gp)
Glacier Quartz (10 gp)
Healing Root (40 gp)
Fire Root (40 gp)

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