Sep 08 2023 - 3.1.0 Update
Today we have released update with big changes. It is required to download 3.1.0 client from download page.

New client will be required to play after server save.
Download it from:

Changes that will be pushed on friday server save (10 am)
New client will be available tomorrow right before server save on website. We will inform about it.

- parcel of weed can be bought from cassia, however you have to complete all mission and steps to deliver it
- fixed a bug where canthar did not get out of jail if we completed quest after 3rd chapter

New flasks has been added:
- Flask of vigor
 - +10 strenth and +10 dexterity for 30 minutes
 - ingredients: 1 elixir of dexterity, 1 elixir of strength, 5 skeleton bone, 2 horn of a shadowbeast
 - (...)

Full changelog is available here
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