City of Khorinis

After the barrier collapsed and the war broke out, the city started to decline. Merchant ships are no longer entering the port. There is only one ship in the harbor that belongs to the Paladins who came to Khorinis.

The citizens are dependent on food supplies from nearby farms. At the same time, one of the landowners, Onar, opposes the excessive stealing of crops and livestock. He hires mercenaries that caused a peasant revolt, which results in a higher food price in the city and the collapse of the Island's economy.

Citizens become even poorer and the city is going down.

About the city

The city of Khorinis is divided into three major districts. These are:

  • Lower City - master and townspeople live here.
  • Harbor District - suspicious types of people live here, crime is a normal thing, as there are no regular city guards patrols there.
  • Upper Quarter - the richest district, open only to the city: citizens, guards, paladins, and fire mages. Strangers are not allowed to enter there.

There are two taverns in the city of Khorinis, the Temple of Adanos, the barracks, and the marketplace. The citizens mainly make a living by crafts, hunting, and fishing. The city is located in the western part of the Island of Khorinis.

To the north of it, there are vast forests, and from the eastern gate, there are two paths: left - to Jack's lighthouse, right - to Akil's farm and Orlan's tavern. There's also a Lobart's farm located to the southeast from the City. The owner sells turnips and grains in the city.

Districts in Khorinis

Lower City

This district is the home of the masters. There is a warehouse with goods confiscated by Lord Hagen. Mainly craftsmen that live here are:

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Harbor District

It is the largest part of the city. The guards don't even come here. The harbor area is inhabited by the largest scum in Khorinis. There are: whorehouse, tavern, and the big Paladin ship and more interesting places.

People living here:

  • Borka - a doorman of the Red Lighthouse
  • Edda - a cook
  • Lehmar - an usurer
  • Meldor - Lehmar's employee
  • Alwin - a butcher
  • Lucy - Alwin's wife
  • Fellan - repairs his house, which disturbs the neighbors
  • Alrik - organizes illegal fights, once belonged to the army
  • Kardif - an innkeeper, runs the tavern
  • Carl - a blacksmith
  • Sonja - a prostitute
  • Vanja - a prostitute
  • Fenia - Halvor's wife, trades small things
  • Martin - Paladin Quartermaster
  • Farim - a fisherman
  • Moe - a thug, standing in front of the inn
  • Ignaz - an alchemist, has his own laboratory
  • Lares - a mercenary
  • , and more ...

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Upper Quarter

First of all, the richest citizens live here. The town hall and the seat of the paladins are located here. Only respectable citizens of Khorinis are allowed to enter this area. To be able to talk with Lord Hagen, you must give the guards a good reason at the entrance.

In this district, for example, you can find:

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