Strange Mystery Box




Valueable items
Description: There might be something valuable inside.
Weight: 0.40 oz
Dropped by:
This item cannot be obtained from monsters.
Additional Information:

You can get it from Lutero for 3x Silver Token

By opening, with random chance you can get:
10xElixir Of Healing, 10xMana Extract, 10xMana Elixir, 10xPlatinum Coin, 5xDark Mushroom, storm scroll, Backpack Of Holding, Snapperweed, Elixir Of Strength, Elixir Of Dexterity, 2xGreen Dragon Scale, Crystal Coin, Amulet of Loss, Sextant, Heart Of A Fire Dragon, Heart Of A Swamp Dragon, Red Dragon Scale, Dragon Egg, Toy Of Dragon Snapper

Buy from: Sell to:
This item cannot be bought from any NPC.This item cannot be sold to any NPC.
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