Elixir Of Healing




Vocation: All
Description: +400 hit points, Only players of level 50 or higher may drink this potion.
Weight: 1.36 oz
Dropped by:
Additional Information:

Can be found in multiple chests.

This item can be brewed using alchemy.

You can get 10 pieces randomly by opening Strange Mystery Box

Buy from: Sell to:
Location NPC Price (gp) Chapter
City of Khorinis Salandril 90 3
City of Khorinis Zuris 90 3
Land of Khorinis Sagitta 90 3
Onar Farm Elena 90 3
Onar Farm Khaled 90 3
Monastery Gorax 90 3
Monastery Isgaroth 90 3
Castle Engor 90 2
Valley of Mines Kjorn 90 4
Location NPC Price (gp) Chapter
City of Khorinis Zuris 30 3
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