Sep 15 2023 - September 3.1.2 Update
09/09/2023 (Saturday)
- fixed bug where some people couldn't get bonus for quests done
- cassia is now selling ring of the orcish
- fixed bug with statue of innos that did not allow to resume green stamina
- fixed a bug where paladins and fire mages couldn't get done 'I need a ship' quest
- fixed a bug that did not add bonus movement speed for 3rd chapter
- fixed a bug that displayed wrong exp rate
- fixed a bug where people had to relog to get 'Alone and helpless' quest completed
- fixed a bug where seeker did not get counted in killing in the name

11/09/2023 (Monday)
- Cassia will now sell lurker skin
- Enhanced serum of vigor will give +15 skill instead +14
- Lowered required level for undead dragon's breath wand to 100 lvl (from 140 )
- Slightly reduced chance of soul items from dragons from 2% to 1.5%
- quivers will now give proper movement speed based on website information
- bonus movement speed for 3rd chapter will now give proper movement speed
- fixed bug where some people had killed all areas with orcs (paladin quest with orcs) but did could not report quest

Reduced LP cost for thief skills
- sneak from 5 to 2
- picklocks from 10 to 3
- pickpocketing from 10 to 5
If you have learnt thief skills before, you will get lp back for difference

14/09/2023 (Thursday)
  • - it's no longer possible to use teleport rune on PlayWar Isle in PVP Arena.
  • -
    it's no longer possible to equip melee weapon with quiver using bug
    with trade (if your character have equipped quiver, it will be dequiped
    and sent to your inbox)
  • - green stamina will no longer regenerate when we're hunting with disabled green stamina
  • - fixed a bug where bonus from daily prey donation for 100 gold to innos did not display skill advance
  • - fixed a bug where players could get kick from Alrik arena

15/09/2023 (Friday)
Huge changes with exhaust between using runes, potions and items.
From now, you can use at the same time:
- offensive rune (eg. fireball rune)
- defensive rune (eg. heal light wounds rune)
- and drink potion or use snapperweed/speed potion/king's sorrel at the same time

This change will completely improve gameplay and make game much easier and smoother.

Magic changes / Rework of spell cooldowns for mage:
- Lightning (energy wave) cooldown increased from 6s to 8s
- Ice lance (ice wave) cooldown increased from 2s to 6s, mana cost from 20 to 70. Damage has been increased too.

- tier from rune upgrading increases your damage by 2% instead 4% per tier
- increased ricochet damage by about 25% and range of hits behind target by 1 sqm and increased required mana from 85 to 115

- increased paladin healing
- increased damage of paladin runes

General changes:
- increased time to defeat Alrik from 5 to 10 minutes
- item upgrade has been slightly reworked
- now it's possible to remove item upgrade via whetstone by everyone
- if you upgrade item with very rare chance, it will broadcast to every player
- orc leather and lizard leather will be counted into 2nd bosper addon trade

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